Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday: Coupon Overload

"Hey Cheapo! Do you have a frugal Tackle for today?"

Ok...I understand that EVERYone has their own way of organizing coupons; there are a zillion styles out there. Some leave them in the flyers and sort by date, others cut them out and sort them into 100 different catagories and a few just throw them into the bottom of their purse and hope they make their way to the top before being used to wrap their ABC gum. However they are done, the coupons have one thing in common - they expire.

This brings me to my Tackle It Tuesday for this week - unloading my expired coupons. My filing system is rather simple. It's a old index card box with 4 tabs: Food, Household, Personal and CVS (of course). I noticed that some of the Q's were trying to escape so I knew it was time to sort through. Unbelievably, it took about an hour though I am very happy with my nice, organized coupon box again. In an ideal world, I should go through these once a month to throw out the old - but for now, I'm good to do it just every once in a while.

So, nothing huge this week - but sometimes the little tasks bring a feeling of big accomplishment. *wink*

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Tanya said...

My coupon box is a hanging file box... but organizing those coupons makes it so much easier to work out the deals. Good job!!

Susie said...

I just started the Grocery Game so, I won't have to do this tackle for a while. But, it is a good thing to add to my list for later:-) Thanks!