Friday, February 6, 2009

Frugal Friday: Chummy Recipe \port-'MAN-toe\ :a word or morpheme whose form and meaning are derived from a blending of two or more distinct forms (as chummy from cheap and yummy)

Ah, one of Cheapo's favorite Chummy Recipes!

You turn your nose up at quiche do ya? Well not this one! Even McFrug Jr. enjoys this pie - as long as the onions are small enough to not see, or large enough to pick out. At any rate, it's one of those dishes that can be made ahead of time, frozen or heated up whenever need be. Matter of fact, it's BETTER leftover! So give it a bake on Saturday and enjoy the "no cook" meal after church on Sunday - withOUT breaking the bank.

1 Pillsbury roll out pie crust (or whatever crust you like) $1.25
1 pkg. frozen broccoli $1.00
1 c. milk $.17
3 eggs $.24
2 TB melted butter $.14
1 TB flour (pennies)
1 t. salt (pennies)
1/2 t. pepper (pennies)
3/4 c. shredded cheese + 1/4 c. $.90
**these prices are based on what I paid for the ingredients, mostly on sale**

Also , this is a basic recipe for cheese and broccoli - remember you can put whatever you like it in the mix, such as chopped peppers, leftover ham, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, and you HAVE to add onion; it's not the same without it. My preference is adding chopped onion and leftover ham lunch meat from the week. I found the sausage to be overpowering - but it's up to you - make it YOUR OWN!

Here's how it's done:
1) Bake pie crust at 375 for 10 minutes - when it comes out, sprinkle 1/4 c. cheese on the bottom of the crust
2) Cook/steam broccoli and drain WELL
3) Mix: milk, eggs, butter, flour, salt, pepper and 3/4 c. cheese (along with onion, ham or whatever you want to add)
4) Place broccoli in crust; pour mixture over. (I top with thin slices to tomato for "Prettiness Value." )
5) Bake at 375 for 35-45 minutes (it's more like 45 in my oven)

I'd like to say you could cut this quiche like a pie into 8 servings, but let's be honest here. We love it so much that we are lucky to get 5 or 6 servings out of it. A slice that is only one eighth just doesn't seem to be enough. That being said - five servings comes to only $.74 per serving! Throw a salad on the side with a piece of fruit and you have a GREAT Chummy meal!

Try it and let Cheapo know just how much you like it. *wink*

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Tanya said...

WOW! Those tomatoes on top really do dress up the pie. Well done, Cheapo! :)