Monday, June 8, 2009

Baseballs and Bruises

How's this for a fun day at the baseball diamond? Yup. That's mine. Actually, it looks much BETTER in this picture. Yesterday, it could have been mistaken for a rotten grapefruit's twin.

Here's the skinny...or the fat...or the swollen...whatever.

Mr. McFrug and I decided to take the little guy to the park for some BP (that's batting practice to you and me.) He pitched while I shagged balls in the outfield. (heh heh...shagged balls) We were having a grand ole time...until about the 50th or 60th ball hit. Plain and simple - I was getting very lazy at that point. So, the next ball came zipping through and I thought (all in about 2 seconds), "I really don't feel like running after this one nor do I feel like bending over to pick it up so I'll just knock it down with my foot, yeah, that's what I'll do." WRONG.

Don't ever do that.

Yeah, it was a stinger. I was just going to walk it off. Then, in a matter of about 30 seconds, it swelled up to a point where I was hopping to the bench. By now, it was so swollen that it really was pretty numb and didn't hurt at all - until I tried walking to the van. Oy.

Don't ever do this.

Before the evening was over, we still had to drive to a coach's house to pick up our son's mitt (that he forgot at the last game...grrr) and stop by my parent's house to care for their dogs while they were out of town. I was determined to be a good sport and ride along. Being the wonderful husband that he is, Mr. M stopped by our house to get me an ice pack. Off on errands we went.

I should've stayed home.

By the time we reached the dogs, I had to pee so bad I wasn't sure if I was going to make it. My ankle was so stiff from having it propped up on the dash with a bag of ice on it. There was no way I was going to reach the house in time. I can't walk; it hurts too bad. I can't crawl; it's all graveley. If I hop, I'm sure to wet myself. UGH!!! With husband's help, I hopped as quickly as possible to the back deck and scooted my way across to the door - dust, spiderwebs and all. Can't you just picture this?

If not, don't try.

In case you are wondering, I made it.
And, I made it to work today.
I will make it to the meat truckload sale tomorrow.
There's no holding ME back! *wink*


Lisa said...

OMgosh, that looks like it REALLY hurts! See this is EXACTLY why I didn't,still don't, play sports-well that and I'm not the most coordinated person on the planet ;~) I am a BIG baby when I get hurt LOL Hope you heal quickly, dear friend :~)

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Oh man! I hope the swelling goes down fast!

Tanya said...

too bad they don't make catcher's mitts for the foot! :) Hope you're all better soon!