Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hey Local Folks - Meet the Meat! 6/9

"Hey Cheapo! How did you get all of that meat?"

Hey Local Folks! Did you get to the Meat Truckload Sale at Five Star? If not, watch for these in the future; usually once every two months or so. You can really stock up and get some great deals to get you through many weeks!

Since we are only a family of three, you can imagine how long this pile of meat will last us, making my weekly shopping trips much cheaper. Also, this allows me to spend any "meat money" on stock up deals. If you are not familiar with Stock Up shopping, check out Money Saving Mom's explanation.

Here's an example of the meat costing:

American Cheese (okay, it's not meat but was included in the sale): 5 lb.s for $7.99. I will slice and freeze this in small packages - along with some "chunks" for baked Mac & Cheese.

Pork Spare Ribs:$1.69 per lb.

Full Pork Tenderloin:$1.69 per lb. A loin like this can be sliced and frozen into 25-30 lean pork chops. I will probably do about 20 and grind the rest.

New York Strip Steaks: $4.44 lb. I really hesitated on this but felt we needed some beef amidst all of that pork.

Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast: $1.79 per lb.

Amazes me how long this meat will last us. From the last Truckload Sale, we just used the last of the pork chops last night. So, keep your eyes out for next one. With any luck, I'll post a reminder ahead of time.

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