Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back To CVS

You a seasoned CVS game would think I would know better than to try and pull off a rockin' CVS deal on any day other than Sunday (the day sales begin.)

I tried yesterday.


Of COURSE they were out of four of the more expensive items I wanted...needing them in my total in order to use my $5/$25 coupon! Now that I'm thinking about it, I should have gotten another TP, used the Q and only paid a few bucks more in cash. D'oh!! I'm never good making "on the spot" decisions. Spending panic sets in.

I should have known better. Especially at the CVS here in my town, where stock always seems to be low.

Here is what I ended up with anyway - still not bad, but am back at the drawing board with ZERO Extra Care Bucks. Must find a way to build them back up! Remember the good ole' CVS days when you would have $40 or $50 worth of ECB's laying around at any one time?


Scott Toilet Paper: sale $6.99 - would you believe every Scott coupon I had was expired?
CVS Lip balm: $1.29 - $1.29 CRT = FREE
4 Honey Nut Cheerios Singles: $4.00 - 4 $1.00 printables = FREE
*I don't think this printable is still available, but there is a $.55 Cent printable and you can go here to get a free sample and $1.00 via snail mail*
M&M's: $.50 - $.50 Free Chocolate coupon = FREE
Snickers & Twix: $1.00 - $1.00 on 2 Sunday Q = FREE
3 pk. Wrigley Gum: $2.00 - $1.00 Sunday Q = $1.00
Propel Water: $1.00 - $.75 CRT = $.25
I also had $7.50 in prior ECB's

So, with tax, I paid $1.38 for all of this great stuff!

Next time I'll MAKE myself go on the FIRST day of the sale!!

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