Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hey Local Folks! 8/18

For all of you local Five Star Shoppers - don't forget today is triple coupon day! Did you clip your tripler from last week's Market newspaper? With that particular coupon, you can triple up to 10 coupons with a face value up to $.50 with a limit of $15.00 off. (I have used more in the past - it just depends on if the cashier actually counts them or not) Don't let this one slip by - go save yourself some money!

*Reminder: the new Market comes out tomorrow. If you don't get yours in the mail, pick one up early at any of the local gas stations.

Wanna know what I bought with triple coupons?

Go-Gurt: $2.50 - $1.05 Sunday Q = $1.45
2 Boxes Fruit Snacks: $4.38 - $1.50 Sunday Q = $2.88 for TWO
2 Boxes Cheerios: $5.00 - $1.00 Sunday Q = $4.00 for TWO
(I normally won't pay over $1.00 for a box of cereal - but there is a method to this madness)
3 Chef Boyardees: $2.97 - $1.05 Sunday Q = $1.92 for THREE
Mighty Dog: $.60 - $.60 Sunday Q = FREE
4 Sierra Mists: $3.96 - 2 BOGOF store coupons = $1.98 for FOUR
Kettle Corn: $1.99 - $1.20 Sunday Q = $.79
Dole Pineapple Juice: $1.99 - $1.50 Sunday Q = $.49
100 ct. Ziploc baggies: $2.00 - $1.20 Sunday Q = $.80
2 pkgs. Ziploc containers: $4.00 - $1.50 Sunday Q = $2.50 for TWO
Aunt Millie Whole Wheat Bread: $2.00 - $1.05 Sunday Q = $.95
Aunt Millie Whole Grain Buns: $2.29 - $1.05 Sunday Q = $1.24
Pepsi Natural: $.99 4 pk.

Today was my day to use the famous Centrella coupon: Save $3.00 when you buy 6 Box Tops for Education Products. So, now you know why I spent the little extra on the Cheerios today.

Grand Total: $35.48
Coupons used: $17.68
My total: $17.80

If you are not taking advantage of a double or triple coupon day at your local grocery stores, please oh please oh please, save yourself some money and go! You don't know where to go? Start calling around! Some stores may have special Super Double days - like some Krogers and Kmart. Others may offer double coupons EVERY day! Get the details. It WILL pay off!


Complicated Mama said...

Just passing by to say hello!

Love to see people getting great deals-- we dont have a Krogers by me or a 5 star shopper?

hope all is well by you! :)

tp talker said...

Good to see someone else getting some good deals at Krogers.
I re negotiated some bills I've had that saved me a big amount each month.
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