Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mailer Freebie Deebies

People often ask, "Cheapo, where do you get all of your coupons?"

Really? They are EVERYWHERE, if you just take a second to look - Internet, newspapers, magazines, store shelves and in the mail. Often, if you sign up for a free mailer sample they will include a coupon for that product as well (usually high dollar!) Sometimes not...but, you will still be able to enjoy your freebie deebie anyway.

Do you ever visit Walmart's free sample page? If not, take a look. As of today, the samples offered include:
  • No Doz
  • Tena Pads
  • Playtex Tampons
  • Emergen-C
  • Prilosec OTC
  • Nicorette
  • Fancy Feast Cat Appetizers
(I just noticed that some of these samples went FAST!)

So you don't particularly fancy any of these items? Check back because the samples do change often. I have gotten everything from diapers to a roll of toilet paper to granola bars to greeting cards. Just remember, items that YOU can't use - someone else would LOVE to have. Don't have a cat for the Fancy Feast? I bet a neighbor does. Or, start a collection of animal items and donate them to your local humane society. Women's shelters, homeless shelters, food pantries - I always throw my un-needed samples in with my other donations. It's the little things.

Oohhh, another great mailer freebie that I can't pass by without sharing.
Have you ever tried EOS (Evolution Of Smooth) Organic Lip Balm? If you attended BlogHer this year, you probably received a free one.
Would you like another?

Hurry and sign up! They will send you a mint lip balm in the mail for FREE!

*don't forget to tweet about this great deal so all of your friends can get one too!

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