Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More and More CVS

Remember the other day when I told you about the CVS Flu Survey and if you participate, you would be able to print a $5/$25 coupon? Well, guess what? There are now two more links - so you can print a total of THREE of these awesome Q's! I've now used option #1 AND #3 with no problems. (The thing to watch for when printing them: be sure they all have different bar code numbers. You will not be able to use 2 of the same coupon with the same numbers on them.)

I got some really good deals yesterday on laundry items. Today, I wanted to go back because "Monsters v/s Aliens" was released...and with Christmas around the corner...you can bet this gal is buyin' when the deals arrive!

Granted, I didn't spend under $5...but I still felt like I got a deal. Regardless of whether I have coupons or not, I MUST buy Halloween candy. We live in a 'hood where over 300 little oogie boogies start knockin' on Halloween. Last year, there were so many CVS coupons and deals, that I practically paid nothing for all of my treats. This year? A little different.

CVS's deal is: Buy $20 worth of Hershey Jumbo Bags of Candy ($5 each) get the "Monsters v/s Aliens" DVD for $4.99! I'm thinking, "since I need to get candy anyway, and I have a CVS coupon for $5.00, I'm basically getting a "Buy candy get a free Christmas Gift" deal!
Good 'nuff!

  • 5 Jumbo Bags Hershey's: $20.00
  • DVD: $19.99 (On sale)
  • CVS Coupon: - $5.00
  • Discount: - $15.00
  • Total w/tax: $21.39
If I have time, I *might* make one more trip this week. This savin' money stuff is addictive! *wink*

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