Thursday, October 8, 2009

CVS Shopping: 10/8/09

I must say that I've been rather relaxed about deal seeking this week. Just seemed impossible to get back in the groove after returning from Florida. Do you know how hard it is for me to pass up a deal? I missed triple coupon day. I missed 10% off day. AND...I skipped out on Kroger, even though I had SO many coupons that would've made items FREE (or very close.)

But, you know what's even better than getting awesome grocery deals? Having your mother in law clean your house and stock your fridge while you are out of town. *grin* She's the best. Her kind gesture prevented me from having to go to the grocery store at all this week.

I was still itching. I at LEAST had to make a trip to CVS. Yeah, I have the energy to do THAT!

I gathered up the correct coupons, extra care bucks and bonus printable ($5/$25) - added everything up and was so proud that my aim was to only spend $4.76 (pre-tax) on all of my goodies! I grabbed my cloth shopping bag and headed out for some deal-seeking fun.

Here is what I bought:
  • 2 Purex 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets: $8.99 BOGOF - $6.00 Purex Insider Mailer - $1.00 Printable = $1.99 for TWO (Cheap-o-nomics Tip # 230: If the store will allow, don't forget to use a coupon on your FREE item too!)
  • Dial 3-bar soap: $1.88 - $.35 Q = $1.53 w/ $1.00 ECB back
  • Dove Cream Oil Lotion: $7.00 - $1.50 Q = $5.50
  • Dove 6-bar soap: $7.00 - $1.50 Q = $5.50
  • Dove Body Wash: $7.00 - $1.25 Q = $5.75 (Spend $20 on Dove get $10.00 ECB)
Sale Price Total: $31.87 (can you imagine what the regular price would be?)
Coupons: $11.60
ECB's: $11.00
Total w/tax: $11.50
ECB's Received: $12.00 (my whoppin' $1 quarterly reward printed)

Okay...right...I know. $11.50 is far from the $4.76 I was expecting. Well, remember those Flu Survey coupons that were going around? Did you print all three of them? I did. Guess what? Option #1 and #3 are great. Option #2 - not so much. So, the $5.00 that I had PLANNED on saving, didn't happen. FYI: if you have already used that particular bar coded coupon, the computer at CVS will tell you what day you spent it on.

I hate when that happens. Innocent mistakes make you feel like a big, fat, huge coupon frauder - and that's not the case.

Anyway, I told the cashier (who is new, btw) it must have been a repeat link and to just throw it away. During my moment of slight embarassement (and kind of ticked off knowing I NOW have to pay $5.00 more than I was expecting), she found a way to lift my spirits.

While scanning my "special" $6.00 Purex coupon, she flipped it over and over again. I was like...what the heck are you doing? Did she actually think it was fake? It wasn't even a printable! She went on to ask, "Where did you get a coupon like THIS?" shining moment.

"I'm a Purex Insider. It's part of the perks." *wink*

Want to take the $5.00 CVS Challenge?

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