Monday, November 9, 2009

Menu Plan Monday: Big Hit Avocados

About four years ago, I decided to try my hand at a low carb diet...Atkins...whatever you want to call it. A close friend of mine lost 60 lbs. with this eating lifestyle, so I thought, "What the heck? Why not?" So I did. On top of the 20 lbs. I so painfully lost the year before, I lost another 30 lbs. within the next four months. Wow! A total of fifty pounds! I could not believe it. Well, with a back injury last summer and an almost broken ankle this summer, I managed to gain 20 of those pounds back. I hate it. It feels horrible...mentally and physically. Since low carb was the only eating lifestyle that I actually found great success on, I'm going to try and get back on the wagon. (like any "diet", it takes some real mental work up, ya know?) Pictures, like this one, tends to help with a bit of inspiration. Wish me luck.
(January 2008)
With a low carbohydrate mindset, obviously when a "Big Hit Avocado Party" came across on, I was there to apply. Guess what? They chose me to host! Soon after, I received a box of goodies: a cutting board, recipes/coupons/chip clips for all of the guests and a gift card in which to buy cooking supplies. We tried all sorts of new recipes, such as Turkey Bacon Avocado roll ups, Shredded Chicken Avocado pizza, Avocado Blue Cheese dip/dressing and, of course, guacamole. Luv.

Me & Michelle and our friend, el toro Pinata

Charlie & Lisa with their avocado love

Friends, Food and Fun

Out of all of the new foods we tested, the biggest hit was the Avocado Blue Cheese dip. We used this with fresh veggies and also as a sauce on the turkey wraps! Here's the recipe in case you would like to try it too.

1 Hass Avocado, small, diced
1 c. sour cream
1/2 cup mayonnaise

1 lemon, juiced

1 T. white vinegar

1/4 c. chopped parsley leaves

1 t. minced shallots

1/2 t. minced garlic

1/4 lb. blue cheese, crumbled

In a mixing bowl and using a wire whisk, combine everything except the blue cheese and avocado, blending until smooth. Gently stir in the blue cheese and diced avocado with a fork until blended and creamy. Would make a good salad dressing as well! Enjoy!

As a start to my "perfect" low carb week, here is my menu dinner plan. (please note that the rest of my family will have an altered plan)
  • Mon - Broccoli Bisque topped w/bacon & cheese, salad
  • Tues - Taco Salad w/guacamole
  • Wed - Baked Pork Chops, cottage cheese & salad
  • Thurs- My birthday.big.whoop. - not sure yet
  • Fri - party at mom & dad's - Italian Beef & veggie salad (Lord help me skip the pie!)
  • Sat - Chicken Broccoli Divan
  • Sun - Pizza pot pie & salad with the girls in Chicago. I'm telling you right now that I will not be able to pass up the Mediterranean Bread at Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinders.
Here's to a great, "on plan" week!

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Karin said...

Good luck with your weight loss goals. If you're interested in another perspective on the role of carbs in a healthy diet (as well as some other overarching impacts of diet on well-being), I recommend the book The China Study.

Your menu sounds delish. I love all things avocado and that dip looks soooo good.

Tiaras said...

how fun to be chosen!!

jenna @ said...

YUMMO! I love a avocado and guacamole. I could eat the whole bowl myself and sometimes do. The bleu cheese addition sounds so amazing. Thanks for joining in the menu plan blog roll. I love having you!