Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Savin' at CVS

As a norm, I don't like to go to CVS after the sale has been going for a few days. Each time, before I shop, I make a list of all my deals almost down to the penny. If an item is not available, it really messes up my mojo. With today being Wednesday, I was worried a little that all of the things I wanted wouldn't be there.

Guess what?

They were! And...this is what I bought.

The deal: Buy $10 worth of Glade items, get $3.00 ECB
  • Glade Holder: $2.50
  • Glade Holder: $2.50
  • Glade Oil refill: $2.50 - $2.50 (Sunday Q - buy a holder get refill free!)
  • Glade Oil refill: $2.50 - $2.50 (Sunday Q - buy a holder get a refill free!)
  • Sugar Free Tums: $3.99 - $2.00 CVS coupon book Q = $1.99 with $1.00 ECB
  • Gilette Custom 3 razors: $5.99 - $2.00 Sunday Q = $3.99 with $2.00 ECB
The deal: Buy $20 worth of health items, get $10.00 ECB
  • Nyquil Sinus: $5.00 - $1.50 Sunday Q - $.50 CVS coupon book Q = $3.00
  • Dayquil Sinus: $5.00 - $1.50 = $3.50
  • Robitussin: $5.00 = $1.00 Sunday Q = $4.00
  • Robitussin: $5.00 - $1.00 Sunday Q = $4.00
Subtotal: $39.98
Minus coupons: 14.50
Minus prior ECB's:$16.99
Minus $5/$30 CVS Quiz Q: $5.00
Tax: $2.80
MY CASH TOTAL: $6.29 w/$16.00 ECB back!

Also, have you picked up your CVS Green bag tag? If not, you MUST. You can find them hanging by the registers. You hook this little plastic leaf to your REUSABLE bag. Every 4th visit that you scan the tag, along with your Extra Care Card, you will receive $1.00 ECB! That's FREE money (after your fourth trip) AND you are lessening the waste created by plastic shopping bags!

You know what is awful? (Obviously, the cashiers at my CVS know who I, that's not the bad part) When I checked out today, the cashier said, "I was wondering if you were going to get one of these tags. You are one of the ONLY customers that actually brings in your own bags." Me, wide eyed in disbelief, "REALLLLLY?? What a waste!" She sadly said, "I know...I totally agree."

People - please. Let's start with the little things.

Want to take the CVS $5.00 Challenge at Kingdom First Mom?

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