Thursday, November 12, 2009

So, You Say It's Your Birthday...

Mainly, I am the type of person that enjoys making a big deal out of other people's birthdays, but I don't like people fussing over mine. Honestly, I don't like having a birthday, I don't handle the "passage of time" very well and I refuse to honor the fact that I am in the "above 35" age bracket. It took me all day to actually realize I just turned 36. THIRTY-SIX - it's all downhill from here (wait, I sure hope not.)

Okay, I KNOW you are saying to yourself, "She CAN'T be 36; there is just no way! She looks so beautifully young!" Right?


I don't feel 36.
I probably don't act 36 - whatever "acting 36" may be.
I guess I'm still stuck in the 28-30 year old range. And...that's okay. I had to laugh when I opened a card from my husband and the first line read, "
It's your 30th Birthday." Hey, I'll take it!

What a sweetie he was today. He spent almost three weeks stealthily trying to size me up and get my opinion about an official Yankees dugout jacket. Don't hate. I LOVE it, and I love even more that he took so much time and put so much thought into it. Not to mention watching how excited he was for me to open it. Even the wrapping was all picked out just for me!

On top of the gift, he had these beauties delivered to my work office! I was so surprised that I started crying. Stargazers are my favorite. They were our wedding flowers... and he knows this. Luv.

And let's talk about you all - I was overwhelmed with my inbox yesterday. Blog comments, Facebook wishes (from people I haven't seen or talked to in 20 years), twitter messages, phone calls (my dad singing Happy Birthday), e-cards and real cards - thank you, thank you, thank you. No matter if we have met face to face or not, please know that you are a blessing in my life and I appreciate you!

I can't possibly let this day go by without mentioning my son, Jacob. He ALWAYS comments on the fact that I can't buy anything without a coupon or introduces me to people as "Cheapo." (yeah...nice, eh? LOL) So, I have to share this card with you.

(So, who's the "Cheapo" now? *wink* My little deal-lovin' son.)

Looking over the whole day, I suppose turning 36 wasn't SOOO bad. If every birthday is this thoughtful, then I guess it really doesn't matter what age I am.


corrin said...

The card from Jacob is PERFECTION.

~michelle pendergrass said...

I teared up a little knowing how excited Jacob was to have found that card!!

And Kurt's awesome. :) Happy Birthday again!