Monday, December 7, 2009

Meal Planning at Holiday Time

How hard is it to try and plan meals during the holidays? If you are like us, we are SO, SO busy rushing around, helping charities and trying to attend everyone's functions. Typically, these activities are sure to include food. Better on OUR food budget? Absolutely. Better on OUR waistlines? Not so much. Regardless, we feel very fortunate to have these opportunities when we know so many do totally without.

Even if your schedule is as full as ours, try and take a second to do a meal plan. It helps take a little stress away from the week, not having to worry about what to cook for dinner on the days you ARE at home. When you are not organized with meals, it is so much easier to just "order out." Save yourself a little money and cook what you already have at hand. Take the money you WOULD have spent on eating out and buy someone a meal who needs it. *wink*
  • Monday - Leftovers from the weekend (use them up folks!)
  • Tuesday - Wanchai Ferry Orange Chicken w/onion & zucchini added, white rice (this was the kit, not the frozen dinner. Though, here is a $1.50 printable coupon off of a WF frozen meal. We've had those too and they were surprisingly good)
  • Wednesday - Baked Chicken legs with Franks Sweet BBQ sauce (coupons for Frank's & French's products), Broccoli Chicken rice, canned corn, salad
  • Thursday - Beef roast (in the crock pot), baked sweet potato, canned green beans, Rhodes multi-grain rolls (coupons often in Sunday paper)
  • Friday - Youth group Christmas party - would it be anything other than pizza?
  • Saturday - Party Invite - finger foods of some sort I believe
  • Sunday - another luncheon invite - will probably be "fend for yourself" day
What's on your plate this week?

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