Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Importance of the Important

Dear Blog,
Just a little note of appology. I'm sorry if you feel deserted. I'm sorry if you feel left out and alone. I know, I know...all of the other little blogs are full of pictures and stories and links. And you? Well...yes...it has been a while. And for that, I appologize. See...it's just that SO much has been going on. So many things...so many important-to-ME things...so many important-to-OTHERS things...things that don't have to be shared word for word with the rest of the world. Am I still going about my daily life? Of course. Do I still print coupons, snatch deals and frugal shop? You betcha! Am I feeling bad because I haven't been able to share with and help others save money too? Yeah...I kinda am. But deal shopping isn't only a "holiday thing"; it's a lifestyle that I practice during the year through and through! By no means did I mean for you to be an all-inclusive-deal-finding blog, even though I would love that. But, because I have a family and a community to be involved in, you will just have to "be." I'm learning that I can't worry too much about you. If I did, I might have missed out on watching "The Christmas Story" for the millionth time, all the while still noticing actions and lines that I've never noticed before. I might have missed out on being part of a team that helped a needy family this Christmas. If I spent all of my time blogging, I might have never gotten the chance to lay on my son's great-grandmother's floor, wrapped with him in a shedding bear faux fur blanket, laughing about farts and glockenspiels while stories of old were being shared in the background. Every day of the year, I must make it a point to remember the importance of the important.
Cheapo McFrug

...And now back to my regularly scheduled life...

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☼¨`*•.♥Rocío♥.•*¨`☼ said...

【ツ】jejeje xmas breaks are the best!!!