Thursday, December 10, 2009

Only Two More Weeks Until Christmas

Are you ready?

Just as a reminder (more to myself than anyone), if you are going to order anything online, now is the time. Prices are coming down and shipping is practically free during crunch time. Be sure to take advantage of the sales and specials! A few good places to find savings codes: and I know there are probably millions of others, but I tend to look at these two places first.

It may only be five degrees here in the Midwest, but the sun is out therefore I will be doing a little coupon shopping! I may even do a "live" twitter shop; letting you know where the deals are! If you want to read along, be sure to follow @ItsToni.

Before I go, I want to share a few printable coupons that I will be using. I love coupons that will give you FREE gifts! Take advantage of these, whether you will be using the gifts for Christmas or putting them away for another occasion during the year. If someone is going to give you free money, by all means, take it.

Hallmark - $5.00 off any purchase $5.00 and up - exp. 12/24/09
(While you are there, here is a $10 off $20 purchase of Yankee Candles - exp. 12/13/09)

The Limited - $15.00 off of $15.00 purchase or $30 off of $100 or $50 off of $150 - exp. 12/13/09

Bath & Body Works - Free item up to $13.00 with $10.00 purchase - exp. 12/24/09

Looks like THREE free gifts to me!

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