Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday: Be Still and Listen

Let's take a poll.

During this Christmas season, how many times have you heard:
  • I'm so sick of Christmas music.
  • I can't wait for Christmas to be over.
  • I can't beLIEVE Christmas is next week.
  • I haven't even started shopping.
  • I'm SOOO busy.
  • I bought Christmas cards, but that's as far as I got.
  • I'm broke.
  • I'm thinking about not putting up a tree.
  • It would be nice if we could skip Christmas this year.
In the midst of list writing, crowd fighting and parking wars, have we forgotten what Christmas is really about?

I think we have.

Including myself.

As of lately, I have been found to have twittered:

@CorrinRenee i'm totally over CHRISTMAS and ready for the new year
It's only Monday, 6:45 am and I'm already overwhelmed with my week.
@monicabrand we haven't even had a moment to focus on the season. Everything just becomes a calendar check off. I'm.Tired.
Can xmas hurry and come and go? I need my life back.

I'll spare you of any more negative holiday talk. I have been full of it this year. I literally feel as if Christmas (and people) have driven me crazy.

And...it's all my fault.

I need to learn to say no stop, take a breath and enjoy this special time.

In order to do that, sometimes we need little reminders. Let me tell you what happened to us last night.

Every year, my husband and I help to organize a program at his lodge called "Masonic Miracles."
Basically, they collect money all year, a "needy" family is chosen in December, we buy gifts, have a wrapping party and deliver Christmas to this family. It's BIG time - thousands of dollars worth of gifts and donations.

It takes a LOT of time and organization, but it is wonderful.

Yesterday, my son and I met my husband (after work) at Walmart to finish up the final gift buying (which took a few hours.) By the time we were finished, it was way past dinner so we decided to eat out at the China Buffet. We had not been there in a while so it sounded really good. While we were there, an older man walked up to our table and placed a business card in front of us. "I always like to give these to families because you never know when you'll need it," he said. He is a locksmith. A LOCKSMITH...of all things. How many times do you ever run into someone promoting their lock picking abilities? We had a minute or so of conversation about pets locking people out of cars, he wished us a Merry Christmas and went on about getting his meal.

Kurt and I looked at each other like...what the..? "Now you know, we have to keep this card because that was just strange...and we'll probably need it some time in the next two weeks for SOMEthing," Kurt said to me. "That's usually the way it works, isn't it?"

So, I stuck the card in my purse and we finished eating.

We started our drive home, in separate vehicles (because we met my husband at the store.) After about a 20 mile drive, we approached our neighborhood. I noticed that my husband was stopped at an intersection for a long time and wasn't beginning his move forward. I was thinking, maybe he wants me to go around because I have the garage door opener (like that would make a difference.) I kept staring at his brake lights; wondering when he was going to go. Then, I noticed he WAS waving me around. I rolled down the window and he asked, "Did you see what was going on back there?" Um...no...I was too busy wondering why you weren't driving.

"Angel (who is a police officer in our town) was back there trying to help a woman get her car door open; she must have locked her keys in the car."

Ok...chills, right?

He told me to give him the card...by the way, we are all totally freaked at this point...so I did and he backed up to the car scene. I pulled on ahead and waited on the side of the street. *JUST* as Kurt pulled up, Angel received a 911 call and had to leave - without getting the car unlocked. She said she would return. Kurt went on to tell the woman the story of the locksmith card, which she was VERY thankful for. And of course, they both were still in disbelief of how this whole scenario has taken place. Kurt wished her the best of luck, and we all headed around the block to our home.

Um...yeaahhh....no way was that a coincidence.

As strange as it may sound, that was a DIRECT message from God.

A direct mission.

We take it to mean: slow down, pay attention and love one another.

Shouldn't that be what Christmas is about anyway?

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Corrin said...

1st - Holy coincidence!
2nd - Kurt is a Mason?? That's awesome.

~michelle pendergrass said...

I absolutely LOVE these stories---EVERY year!! Thank you so much for writing this.

Toni said...

Here is a twitter message that I want to share:

From @BeckyMurphy
a twitter post made me realize how stressed everyone becomes around the holidays. Thanks for reminding me to savor the season, @ItsToni.