Friday, January 22, 2010

Frugal Friday: Got Paper?

I print a LOT of internet coupons.

There. I said it. I do, because it saves me a boatload of money each week.

When I mention it to other people who aren't familiar with them, they tend to give me excuses like, "I don't think it really saves me anything because it uses too much paper and ink."
In the grand scheme of things, does it really? (people LOVE excuses)

Last week's Frugal Friday, I talked about an option on lessening the cost of printer ink. That suggestion was only ONE way to save; I'm sure there are more out there.
That tired excuse is busted.

What about using so much paper?
Do you know how much paper is thrown away or recycled daily with printing ONLY on one side? We all know that a piece of paper has a front and a back, right? How come we forget that when it comes to general printing?

Coupons are disposable. You don't have to print them on brand new paper. Start making a conscious effort to notice how much paper around your house only has printing on one side.
For instance:
  • Junk mail or flyers
  • Papers your children bring home from school or church
  • Your office recycle bin (that's where I get mine!)
  • Papers from an organization meeting

Keep a little basket or bin in your home office in which to collect this paper. As your children clean out their backpacks (WHAT?), remind them to put their unwanted schoolwork in the bin each day. I promise, you will be surprised at how quickly the bin fills up! Therefore, you won't have to spend a dime on your coupon paper AND you will be helping the Earth one little sheet at a time.

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Amy -Cutting Coupons in KC said...

I had some expensive leftover resume paper stored in the basement. It ended up with water damage and so I was going to throw it out. Then I realized I could use it to print coupons!

~Sara said...

Great post. I try and print all my coupons on the back of already used paper. I just have a bin sitting next to the printer that I put it in and when I go to print coupons I slip the unused paper out and the used paper in. Works great. Just make sure you put it in the right way!

Toni said...

Amy - nice save!! Pink, blue, white or water damaged - coupons don't care :)

Sara - that's very convenient! I have made the mistake of putting the paper in the wrong way, but now I know the blank side goes DOWN (in my printer anyway) :)

Moderate Means said...

Great idea! I love reusing instead of buying new.