Friday, January 8, 2010

Frugal Friday: Time to Order Angel Food

Were you ever able to to take a look at the Angel Food Ministries website that I talked about a few weeks back? If not, now would be a good time! The order deadline (in person & online) is January 13, 2010. Take a peek and see how you can save some money.

Again, please remember...this is not a real money maker*; no one is trying to sell you anything. It is simply a national ministry that provides food at a discounted anyone regardless of monetary situation. *delivery sites receive $1 per order which goes to cover delivery costs or to buy extra boxes for needy people.

In working directly with this program at our church, one question that I receive often is: "What is the quality of the food I will be getting? I'm unsure about ordering, spending the money and being disappointed."

To help alleviate any "surprises", here are a few pictures of what was received for the month of December. Please remember, the menus differ each month.

Below is a photo of what they call the "Signature Box." It is roughly $65 worth of food for $30.00. (the basket of fruit in the back is not included - I should have removed it from the picture)

Next, is an example of the "Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Box."
It costs $22.00 and consists of a wide variety of fruits & veggies (sometimes nuts & honey too!) To be honest, I have been really happy with the boxes I have bought - especially nice having such a variety of fruits & vegetables available in the winter at a good price!

For anyone needing microwave meals, they also offer a "convenience/senior meals" package for $28.00. It comes with 10 frozen, balanced meals along with 10 "side" items - ranging from fruit, juice, crackers or cookies.
(I bought this box for my grandmother who has said she enjoys the "TV dinners."If you have people with larger appetites, this may not be the box for you - even though they are typically portioned meals.)

Unsure if there is a delivery site near you? Click here to find out.

Also, if you are planning to order for the first time, I can refer you with your email address. Basically, If I send 10 emails of people who eventually place an order, I get a FREE box! I'm not being selfish about this - the FREE box would be donated to a needy family in my community. So, send me an email with "Angel Food" in the subject line and I'll get you going!

cheapo [dot] mcfrugalpants [at] gmail [dot] com

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