Wednesday, February 3, 2010

[Almost] Wordless Wednesday

Name: Sukyaki (we call him Suki)
Will be 14 in April
Mix, but thinks he's a Blue Russian
Dog Bully, Kills Bats & Birds, Talks Back, Owns the Bed (ours, dog's, anything left on the floor that would possibly make a good bed), Self Taught Sliding Glass Door Opener, Catnip Lover, Chaser of Laser Pointer Lights, Long Time Confidant
Isn't frugal by nature, but will save a few kibbles of food for a mid-morning snack. Also loves when Cheapo gets deals like: 2 Friskies Party Mix Treats: $3.18 ($1.59 each)
BOGOF Sunday Q: -$1.59
$1.00 Printable Q: - $1.00
Total: $.59 for TWO

Get a Free $7.00 Cat's Pride Litter coupon when you join Catster.

And...Suki would like to mention that even if you don't have a cat, you can still get great deals on animal products and donate them to your local Humane Society.

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shopannies said...

wow 14 years old must be a loyal pet

Kristi said...

Wow. 14 years old. That's impressive. We thought our cat was getting old at 4.

Fidget said...

14?! Wow! Happy (almost) wordless wednesday

Tanya said...

Suki is very good to give a shout out to the homeless animals! :)

Pat said...

Suki looks well-loved and pampered.

I laughed when I saw your name, "Cheapo McFrugalpants." That could be my husband's nickname!

Upstatemomof3 said...

How awesome!!! We hardly ever buy our cats treats - just for their birthdays and Santa always brings some for Christmas. :)

Allison said...

What a beautiful cat!

dianne - bunny trails said...

Beautiful cat. Love the bio on him. :D