Monday, February 8, 2010

Need Something To Do with Doggy Too?

First off, let me say that I have never shopped at PetSmart. Plain and simple, I'm WAY too cheap to overspend on nutritious pet food to which my animals turn up their noses. I know I probably shouldn't be buying the $10 jumbo bag of doggie "fast food" - but, the dog is 12 and the cat is 14, both in very good health (except for being a tad overweight but so are we, soooo...)

Though, recently, my Aunt so graciously gave me a stack (like a few inches thick) of recent Sunday paper coupon flyers. Included in said stack, were four coupon flyers for PetSmart (from end of January); each flyer having four coupons for free Pro Plan food. Weheellll...that's ALL the reason to pack up the whole fam damily, doggie too, and take a trip to PetSmart! And yes, you can bring your "well behaved, leashed" pet into the store with you.

I almost couldn't wait to snag these free goodies! I'm talking $60 worth of free dog food! Doesn't that just want to make you hike your leg and pee on an endcap? Just kiddin'. Though, I did pee a little I think. *wink*

I didn't realize what a bustle of activity this store is. It's almost like taking your children to the zoo - but for free. When we first walked in, a doggie training class was taking place right there in the middle of the store. We soon found that other people go there every week just to "socialize" their dogs. I have to say, we were a kind of in awe of what was going on around us. Aside from the canine tweet up, the store itself had a vast array of fish, birds, lizards, snakes and hamsters to gaze at. They also had a kitty adoption area (from the Humane Society) and an open windowed grooming area, where you can watch all of the animals get a haircut.

What about cleanliness? We both noticed that for so many animals running around, the store was very well kept and there are staff members EVERYWHERE, waiting to help or answer your questions.

So basically, are your children bouncing off the walls during these cold, winter months? Even if you don't have a dog, take a trip to PetSmart - it's free, family fun! And, take those coupons with you. If you don't need the food, drop it off at your local Humane Society on your way home. It's an easy way to help for free!


Tanya said...

WOW! What a deal!!

Mandy said...

Hey!! Which coupons did you use for the dog food. Was the the $5 off any bag?? I have those coupons also and I would like to get the dog food for our local no kill animal shelter. Do you mind sharing how much you paid?? Thanks

Toni said...

In the Chicago Paper there was a strip of four coupons:
1) Free ProPlan Dog or Cat food up to $13.99 (6 lb. or 3 lb. bag)
2) Free ProPlan Pouch Dog or Cat Food
3) Buy 3 cans ProPlan cat food get one free
4) Buy 2 cans ProPlan dog food get one free

I only used the coupons for the free items - I only paid sales tax. I left the other coupons on the shelf for someone else to pick up :)

Mandy said...

Oh wow yours are better than mine.
1. Save $5 on (1) 3.5-6lb bag.
and then the all the others were the same. Which I could have gotten the same first coupon!!! At least I can get some smaller bags free :)