Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: The Five Buck Club

Have you ever heard of the FREE Kerasotes Five Buck Club? Don't get the wrong impression. It's nothing like the "Mile High Club" or the "Kitty Kat Klub." This club is going to save you some money all the while having some frugal family fun!

First of all, check here to see if there is a participating theater near you. If so, you are minutes away from saving yourself a few dollars! All you have to do is register for the club, wait for your cards to come in the mail (they arrive quickly) and head to the movies. Remember, each person of your family has to have their own Five Buck Club card to participate. Every week, Kerasotes will send you an email giving you dates and times of participating movies for your particular theaters. What's better than having movie listings delivered straight to your inbox? Well, maybe a FREE movie from Redbox using the code DVDONME - but we'll talk about that another day. *wink* (psst...go use that code and get a free flick for the night!)

"Let's all go to the moo-vies, let's all go to the moo-vies..."

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Coupon Teacher said...

Sounds like a great deal to me!