Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Angel Food Ministries: March

"Hey Cheapo! Are you still ordering from Angel Food Ministries?"

Of course I am! I always choose to order the fresh fruit and vegetable box (there are many others.) See everything I got for $24.00*? Oranges, Fuji apples, potatoes, plums, grapefruit, pears, onions, carrots, cabbage, tangelos, red apples, raisins and navy beans! I have to say, it's been SO nice having this much fresh fruit around the house during the winter. Here in northwest Indiana, fresh fruit is rather pricey during the winter - which means it's rather scarce around my house. During the summer, I may not order this box anymore because produce becomes rather cheap and ABUNDANT! As they say about the midwest, you can throw your hat down and grow it. *said with sort of a farmer's drawl*

The box is $22.00 but I chose to order online instead of in person so there is a $2.00 ordering fee

Are you lost in all of this? Is Angel Food Ministries foreign to you? If so, you can read more about it HERE and check out some of my past orders HERE.

Ordering time lines for March vary across the country. Although, the deadline in my area for
online orders is tomorrow! Be sure to check out this month's menu as there are a few new items, one being an "After School" box.

Do you participate in this program? Let us know!

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