Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Angel Food Ministries: April

Once again, I ordered the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable box from Angel Food Ministries and picked it up on Saturday. I got all of that for $24 (priced at $22 but because I choose to order online, there is a $2.00 fee - I should stop being inconvenienced by the convenience fee.) Was I happy with my order?
  • Pros: When fresh fruits and veggies are readily available, we eat more of them! I love having a basket of fruit on my counter. In a typical week's grocery shopping, I would have never afforded this much fresh produce. (though, soon, we'll have our OWN GARDEN!) Easy to pick up on delivery day, as the site is across the street from my house. (BONUS!)
  • Cons: I'm chalking this up to the Florida frosting, but my citrus fruit isn't the best. The pineapple? Wonderful (though that is not from Florida.) I have already thrown away one of the lemons due to mold. The tangerines are really brown and soft. On the other hand, the oranges are really good. Also, the cabbage looked as if it had gotten frozen on one side (see the darkness?) Regardless, I figured I needed to use it quickly, so I made an altered form of these Old Fashioned Cabbage Rolls. Mmmm...I believe they would freeze well too!
Photo by Taste of Home

Everything aside, I will keep ordering until summer. When local produce comes in season, I'll start getting my items from the Farmer's Market...oh, and did I mention we will have our OWN GARDEN?!?

Angel Food Ministries is now accepting May orders. Check their website for ordering times and delivery sites near you. Menus change each month. You can take a peek at my past orders HERE. For May, there are twelve boxes and specials available, ranging in price from $16 to $35 each. I will be receiving: 1 head cello lettuce, 1 head sleeved romaine lettuce, 1 lb. bag fresh carrots, 6 oz. bag radishes, 1 red onion, 5 oz. bag gourmet salad croutons, 16 oz. salad dressing, 3 lb. Idaho Potatoes, 2 lb. bag Jazz apples, 3 lb. bag oranges, 1 pkg. Roma tomatoes and 6 lemons (sounds like a pie to me!)

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