Wednesday, April 21, 2010

SVMoms Chevy Missions Event in Chicago

What am I supposed to wear?

Should I bring anything?

Will I know all?

If you were inv
ited to attend the recent SVMoms Chevy Missions event in Chicago, don't even TELL me you weren't asking yourself those questions (especially if you are like me and are totally OCD about things like this - though, it's not like I shopped for two days for an outfit or anything *shifts eyes*)

Let me just say, I felt so honored to be at this Chicago Moms Blog Brand & Blogger Roundtable and Mixer. Oh. my. goodness. Sometimes I wonder if I can ever get enough of blogger conferences, workshops and meet-ups. I feel like a sponge just soaking it all in. And what more beautiful place to gather than the Hard Rock Hotel on Michigan Avenue, downtown Chicago! ALL of the details were paid attention to - do you know how much I appreciate this? I'm sure there are others, but I want to specifically say a huge thank you to @mjtam and @jillasher for doing such a fabulous job.

We began the day with a roundtable discussion, allowing bloggers and brands to interact with one another. How informative what this? Conversation lasted two hours, though I could have sat through this for ANOTHER two hours...easily. Of all of the questions and answers, the word of the day seemed to be "communication." Plain and simple - brands need to communicate better with bloggers. Bloggers need to communicate better with brands.
1 + 1 = 2. No faint chalkboard lines should be drawn here.

Recommendations from Brands
  • Have an organized, clear demographic
  • Easily accessible PR page on your blog
  • Know your reach: Twitter, Facebook, Visitors, etc.
  • If you want brands to contact you, the easiest way is to have a clickable link
  • Be clear on your PR pitch guidelines
Recommendations from Bloggers
  • Please know or familiarize yourself with the blogger before pitching
  • Give allowable time for bloggers to respond to emails, reviews, etc.
  • Not a good idea to try and get something for nothing
  • Be specific on what you are wanting: brand ambassadors, brand enthusiasts, twitter events, paid posting/advertising, giveaways, etc.
Good Stuff.

We then moved on to the mixer event. Fifteen plus brands were present to mingle with and chat with all of the bloggers. Represented were: @yodelingmamas, @eBayClassifieds, @1800baskets, @ArmyofWomen, @BitDefender, @BusyBodyBooks, @ChevyMissions, @CinnabonInc, @EasyPrintDesign, @Energizer, @FocusFeatures, @GarrettPopcorn, @HardRockChicago, @iGo_Inc, @Stonyfield, @TheOprahStore, @SchlageLINK, @Powerade_zero, @PeapodDelivers.

Believe it or not, each one of these companies gave us free items to take home. We were overwhelmed with their kindness and generosity! How nice it was to be able to talk face to face with these people, directly acquiring feedback about their product and brands. You just can't get that type of connection through email alone.

Hey! Look! Someone I DID know was there. Jen from Mommy Instincts - we rocked BlogHer for a bit in 2009...but that's for sharing on another day.

And somehow, we even sneaked in on this shot. See us peeking in back there?

All in all, it did not matter what I wore.

It did not matter if I brought a laptop or not.

It did not matter if I was there with a group or alone.

All that mattered, was that I was invited. I was courageous.
I was there.

The only question left...can one just "move in" to the Hard Rock and stay

Thanks to Lahleyoo for providing the event pictures!

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Lucy said...

Great recap. I too was worried about what to wear, who would I hang out with, but I shouldn't have been. It was a great day with great bloggers and brands! Still a little overwhelmed by it all!