Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pan Envy

Isn't it funny how monetary needs all seem to hit at once? Not so much the every day items...I'm talking big money jobs like getting new brakes, fixing the roof, painting the house, tiling the kitchen floor, painting the walls, and someday, OH SOMEDAY, replacing any of the three bathrooms and changing the vanity.

Excuse me. I need a moment. Thoughts of too much expense. Overwhelmed.


It's hard to verify "little" expenses when you know you have big ones around the corner. Let me explain. Ten years ago, I got my first ever, full set of Circulon pans for my wedding shower. I thought they were the best thing since sliced bread. Seriously. And ya know? They were! Keyword being WERE.

See what they look like now?
(oh looks even WORSE in the picture!)

I spend more time in the kitchen than anywhere in my house. With being a constant cook and baker, one would think I would NEVER put off buying new pans. Sorry. I just can't justify it - especially with what they cost these days - HUNDREDS of dollars for the really nice ones. With bigger expenses on the horizon, they may just have to wait. Of course, you can always find really good deals like the Calphalon Pans I reviewed for CSN Stores.
Let's face it...I *big puffy heart* Calphalon.

Wondering about next addition to my little Calphalon family?
Stay Tuned!!

Honest Blogger Found Here: CSN Stores is providing me with product to adequately facilitate an honest review. 100% My opinion.

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