Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saving at Walmart

As many of you already know, Walmart is not my very favorite place to shop. Though, sometimes you just have to go there.

Today was one of those times.

I made the most of it...especially since it seems like every time I go there for deals they neverhavewhatIwant...oh anyway...

We bought what we needed to buy for our youth group outing tomorrow and since I just *happened* to have my coupon organizer with me...I picked up these little goodies as well.

Wanna know what I spent?

14 Pampers Wipes: $31.36 - (14x) $2.00 Brandsaver Q's = $3.36 for FOURTEEN
2 Packs Schick Disposable Razors: $3.94 - (2x) $2.00 Sunday Q = FREE plus $.06
2 Kotex Liners: $2.00 - $2 Sunday Q = FREE for TWO
Ziploc Evolve Baggies: $1.97 - $.40 Sunday Q = $1.57
Reynold's Wrap 80 sq. ft.: $2.50 - $1.00 Sunday Q = $1.50

Subtotal: $41.77
Minus Coupons: $35.40
Total: $6.37


I avoided the money vacuum.

How did you do at Wally World this week? Link up in the comments. *wink*


Mommy Instincts said...

wow! you must teach me the ways! $3.36 for FOURTEEN packs of wipes.....that;s an awesome deal! is it still going on? and where can i find me them coupons?!?

Toni said...


Yes, that is all I paid. Some Walmarts have the pampers wipes rolled back to $1.97, but my local store did not. They were at $2.24, which is still a good deal. The coupons were in the June P&G BrandSaver booklets. The Brandsavers come out in the Sunday paper, only on the first Sunday of each month (unless it's a holiday.) With my aunt giving me booklets, I ended up with 14 of the $2.00 coupons. If your parents get Sunday papers or any of your neighbors, ask them to start saving their inserts for you. It all really does add up. :)

Terra H. said...

I very rarely shop Wal-Mart, but I've got to say I'm super amazed at those savings. Hats off to you for getting such amazing deals.

Nicole @ Splitcybernality said...

I wish I was doing that when I was buying wipes. I still buy pull ups. I need to learn this coupon thing.