Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: The Power of Wind

Let's talk gas & electric bills....your favorite subject, right? Mine too *uh-hem*

Last year, I was SO totally jazzed that we were able to lower our budget payment by $121.00 per month. Here it is...that time of year when the budget gets re-evaluated.

With regret, I am here to tell you, our bill has now gone UP by $27 per month. *tears up* I think I know why. With a hurt ankle last summer, I barely got to use my outdoor clothesline. It was just too much (I was lucky to get laundry up and down the stairs at all!) Then, by the end of the summer, SOMEhow *looks at children playing in yard* the clothesline got broken.

Relying on the dryer is the only reason I can think of for the bump in budget (unless the rates are just going up dramatically.)

So, guess where I headed - straight to Lowe's.

About $55 later, I had myself a new clothesline and three packs of clothespins.
Since I have only used my dryer twice in the past month, I'm really hoping this will pay off come next year's budget. For now, I can puke about paying the extra $27. Bleh.

If anything, anything at all, I feel good about using the gifts of nature to get by. Not to mention, the clothes smell great (especially sheets & blankets!)
Want to start using the power of wind?

Here are a few tips:
  • Decide what clothesline would work best for you: an umbrella type (like I have) or a clothesline stretched from tree to tree
  • Find some nice, strong clips. To be honest, the ones I have are wimpy. Whatever happened to the big, hefty ones? Remember clipping them to your lips and earlobes as a kid? neither.
  • Keep your clips in a reusable bag that you can carry in and out with your laundry. If you leave the wooden ones on the line, they will start to weather and turn black. It is not favorable to have black clothespin marks on your white clothing. It's just not.
  • If the weather is nice, be sure to get the clothes out early in the morning. Jeans take a long time to day. If you try sneaking them out in the afternoon, you'll only have to rehang...or use the dryer to finish them up. Defeats the purpose.
  • Shake out your clothes before bringing them in. Sometimes little buggies like to catch a ride into the house. No hitchhikers allowed.
  • Lastly, always remember - even if there is NO rain in the will rain on your clothes...just for the mere fact that they are out there. Oh, this rule also applies to washing your car.
Peace. Love. Save Money. Save the Earth.

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Amy Walker said...

Yay! We're getting a clothesline this month too. I'm so excited!!!

Coupon Teacher said...

I really want a clothesline, but hubby made fun of me. I will show him your savings! Thanks!