Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Hump Day Meal Planning - Save on Grocs!

Hey Cheapo! How do you save a buck on weekly groceries? They can really eat up a paycheck in no time!

First of all, Cheapo knows when the deal days are at her local grocery store. It may not be her very favorite store in the whole wide world, but it's local. The next closest chain store is 20 miles away - meaning she would have to add the cost of gas to the grocery bill - no thanks. So, she makes do.

Your store may have savings cards, discount days or some other grocery savings plan - great! If you don't know about them - ask and be sure to make use of them. McFrug's local grocer offers triple coupons on Mondays (says there is a limit but I've spent over that before) and 10% off on Tuesdays. These 2 discount coupons are found in the free newspaper mailer each week. Because the store is so close, Cheapo splits her groceries accordingly to take advantage of each day's deals (when possible.) Combining the two shopping days with various coupons has saved as much as $20 per week!

Many of you out there just can't seem to find time to write out and plan your meals...but start finding time. Not only does this lessen your grocery bill, but it saves you time in the grocery store as well. On Tuesday, the shopping only took McFrug 15 minutes! Here is the weekly dinner chart that I have been using for years. Find one that works for you! Plan your meals around what you already have hiding in the fridge and cabinets. You'll be amazed at how much you already have sitting there - and you'll wonder why you have kept buying more and more! Next, plan your meals around the sale flyer and start making a list. If chicken is on sale, have chicken that week - if it's beef, then hamburgers it is. Unless it's *really* needed - buy whatever meat that is $2 per lb. and under.

Try to take advantage of money saving combinations. For instance, on Monday, Cheapo combined triple coupons with items that were already on sale. Here is what she got:
  • 4 cans Progresso soup
  • Green Giant frozen sweet corn
  • Birds eye frozen broccoli
  • Green Giant frozen broccoli w/cheese
  • 2 Campbell's tomato soups
  • Campbell's chicken noodle soup
  • Hot dog buns
  • Aunt Millie's sliced Potato Bread
All of this came to $15.73 - $3.25 coupons - $6.50 tripler = $5.98!!!
McFrug proudly walked out with her eco green bag filled with goodies and happy with a savings of $9.75.

So, if you are looking to save a bit of moolah on your food this week, follow a few of these baby steps and you'll soon be on the fabulous road to Cheapo's World. *wink*
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Tanya said...

Wow, you're right. The meal planning is essential. I need to take a page out of Cheapo's book and get crackin'!