Monday, February 16, 2009

Menu Plan Monday: What's on Your Plate?

"Hey Cheapo! What are YOU eating this week?"

Cheapo found some GREAT deals at her local groc shop this week! Does your store ever have a meat truckload sale? Every once in a while, McFrug's store does - and this was the week!
They offered:
Boneless, skinless chicken breasts - $1.79 lb.
Tenderized Pork Cutlets - $1.99 lb.
Whole pork loins - $1.69 lb. !!! (After slicing, this will make 15-20 chops - that's less than $1 per pork chop!)
There was much more but this is what happened to interest me.

Here's the plan for the week:

Monday - Taco Bell :/
Tuesday - Oven Roasted Chicken, Butter potatoes w/provolone, cheesy broccoli
Wednesday - Grilled Ham/cheese w/grilled onion, salad, noodles
Thursday - Pork Chops, steamed zucchini, fried apples
Friday - no dinner - we will be participating in a 30 Hr. Famine until Saturday night
Saturday - Tacos (I believe)
Sunday - Chicken Paprikash, buttered noodles, peas

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1 comment:

Tanya said...

I love grilled cheese sandwiches for lunches... what a great idea to make it a grilled ham and cheese, and with grilled onions - I think my husband would be happy to have this at dinner time too. Thanks!