Thursday, March 5, 2009

Freebie Deebie Day!

"Hey Cheapo! Where do you get all of these great samples in the mail?"

Are you all aware that Walmart sends free samples in the mail? I have been getting these for quite a while now and am almost always impressed with them. Everything from a full roll of toilet paper & boxes of feminine products to granola bars, medicine & greeting cards! Rarely do they ever take 4-6 weeks for shipping and the bonus is...most of the items come with high dollar coupons! The sample offers change rather often so be sure to check back with them - sometimes just by refreshing the page. There is a form to fill out for each sample, but it's the same form each time (aside from a few different optional questions at the bottom - which i never fill out.) So, once you type it out the first time, you can double click for the rest of them and it goes very quickly!

Have Fun!

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