Friday, March 6, 2009

FYI: Martin's Supermarket Coupon Policy

Cheapo never shops at Martin's Supermarket, though this past week's sale flyer peeked her interest. She wondered about their coupon policy. Not being able to find it online, she dropped them an email. FYI, this was the response:

Thank you for visiting Our policy is not posted online. We do accept manufacturer coupons. Generally, we do accept most internet coupons. If the coupon has a very high dollar amount or a high number of internet coupons are being used, then store managers reserve the right to decline them. Also, if a coupon is from Meijer, or one of our other competitors, (printed on the back as our coupons are) we do not accept them. This type of coupon is a specialty coupon that is paid only to Meijer, etc. If a cashier ever questions or turns down a coupon, please ask to speak to the store or assistant manager, or the manager in charge at the time you are checking out. I have used General Mills' online coupons on several occasions as well as some others from coupon websites. We do not double or triple coupons. It might not seem immediately apparent, but those programs do have a cost connected with them and although other stores are giving a discount, the discount is probably being paid for by raising the prices of many other products. The same is true of senior citizen discounts, etc. Those are all marketing programs that are not free and do have to be paid for. In the end, it's the consumer who pays through increased prices throughout the store. We pride ourselves on offering good values all of the time and not just on coupon items.

Even though there are no double coupon days, the flyer is definitely worth checking out. Several of the sales DID seem pretty good last week :)

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