Friday, March 13, 2009

No Longer a Martin's Virgin

"Hey Cheapo! Did you FINALLY take the leap to shop at Martin's Supermarket?"

She did!!

After some hesitation (because I just didn't NEED another store to fuss over), I flipped open the Martin's groc sale flyer for the week. Ok, I couldn't help myself because I noticed Chex Mix on sale and I knewIhadcouponsforitandjustrefusedtopassupadeal...sigh...anyway. I told myself, I'm only going to go in and get the very few items I had on my list - just the coupon deals. Aside from picking up a gorgeous, HUGE pineapple (on sale), I did good.

For starters, you do have to stop at the customer service desk to register for one of those savings cards. Nothing big and didn't take much time. Actually, I welcomed the short break after running into the store in a horrendous downpour. Plus, trying to shop in a store you've never been in gives me Groc Anxiety - almost a "stupid" feeling because I have no clue where anything is.

A few of the good deals I had Q's for:
Chex Mix: $1.00 - $.60 printable = $.40 each (I had 5)
(need these for an upcoming party)
Rold Gold tiny pretzels: $2.00 - $.55 sunday q = $1.45 for big bag
V8 Fusion: $2.50 - $1.00 printable = $1.50
Nature Valley Granola Bars: $2.50 - $.60(can't remember if this was a Sunday or printable Q) = $1.90
They also had bar cheese 3/$5 - which is a great deal.

In total, I bought 15 items that came to $1.19 per item! I was good with that!

Also, a few neat things I noticed at this particular Martin's:
  • There is a Redbox outside for $1 movies! Cheapo is more of a Netflix gal, but good for those that live close!
  • If you bring your own bags, Martin's gives you a $.05 refund! Now, I only had one bag with me (because that's all I needed), so I'm not sure if it's $.05 PER bag or a flat rate.
  • They have a plastic bag recycling bin. So, because I KNOW everyone realizes how bad these bags are and how bad they are for the environment and I just KNOW you ALL take your own cloth bags to the store - so get rid of all that plastic clogging up your pantry.
  • In the parking lot, there are bins: one for Goodwill and one for the Salvation Army. While you are doing your "Spring Cleaning", load up the car and get rid of all that STUFF!
I have to say that I enjoy going to places where I can get multiple things done. Here, I could dump my junk, grab a movie, recycle AND get groceries - all in one stop!
Gotta love it!

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