Monday, May 4, 2009

Hey Local Folks! 5/4

"Hey Cheapo! What did you find on Triple Coupon Day?"

Hey Local Folks! Don't forget Five Star's triple coupon day today! There are a few deals depending on what you need. Here's how I worked mine today. (will go back tomorrow for 10% off day)

I didn't have too many coupons that would've tripled to actually make a trip today - BUT, I wanted the cereal deal. Here's the breakdown - the HUGE boxes of cereal are on sale this week for $2.00 per box WITH additional $10 purchase AND Limit 5. Weellll...since I have all of these coupons...aanndd... the limit is only five per visit...I'll go back tomorrow and get five more. :)

5 Boxes Kellogg's Cereal (only Fruit Loops, Frosted Flakes, Rice Crispies, Apple Jacks and Corn Pops are part of the deal...but it's the BIG box, can you believe it??) - $10.00 - $5.00 printables = $5.00 for FIVE!

2 lbs. (wrapped separately so 2 coupons can be used) Kretchmar Ham: $8.38 - $1.10 printables = $7.28

Ragu Sauce: $2.50 - $.90 Sunday Q = $1.60

Vanilla Soy Milk: Clearance priced $1.29

2 Pillsbury Grands Mini Rolls: $2.00 - $.90 Sunday Q = $1.10 for both

Sunny D drink: $1.00

12 Yoplaits: $7.20 - 2 $2.40 Sunday Q's = $4.80

Total: $32.37 - $10.30 Q's = $22.07

Also noticed: There are Promise Yogurt Shots, YoPlus & Fiber One yogurt packs on clearance for $1.49 - if you have q's - bring them! Could be free if they are $.50!

**Please don't forget to take your GREEN bags!!**

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