Monday, May 4, 2009

CVS Sweetness

"Hey Cheapo! Did you finally get back to CVS?"

I hate to say it, but since CVS has cut back on their store x/xx coupons, my ecb stock has dwindled a bit. Gone are the days of $40-$50 worth of little white CVS buckies. I was down to $8.99. Not quite as fun. Though, because I didn't buy enough cereal today, I figured I might as well spend the bucks I had. You know what? I walked in and felt like I was back home again. So, whether you have a little or a lot of ECB's, have fun with it and get. those. deals!

3 Boxes Special K Cereal: 3/$10 - $3.00 printable Q = $7.00 w/ $5.00 ECB
(I actually wanted Frosted Mini Wheats but everything was out)

Vitamin Water: $1.33 - $1.00 Sunday Q = $.33
(these individual drinks are "cool" for son to bring to sports practices)

Adidas Deo: $3.99 - $1.00 Sunday Q = $2.99 w/$3.00 ECB

Nivea Chapstick: $2.99 - working towards $5/$15 deal
(for some reason Mr. McFrugalpants can't seem to keep track of the umpteen chapsticks he is given - so this was not originally to be bought - but...ya know)

Paid with $8.99 prior ECB's - $4.33 OOP and received $8.00 ECB back. Not THE best, but given the chapstick incident, it's not too shabby.

Then... I was checking out, I plopped all of my goodies onto the counter, along with my WALGREEN'S green bag (which I got with a coupon for free back on Earth Day.) The sweet young lady (a manager I believe) says, "Our CVS bags are MUCH cuter than the Walgreen's bag. They are only $.99 - would you like one?"
Me: "Yes, they really are much cuter. The only reason I have this one is because I got it for free. I really don't even shop there. "
Her: "Well, If I give you one of ours for free, will you promise to carry OURS into Walgreens and stop carrying this ugly one? You don't have to flaunt it or anything. Just kinda throw it up on your shoulder." (at this point, LOL)
Me: "Well, sure! I could do that! I guess they are pretty ugly. You would think they could come up with SOMEthing cuter with Earth Day and all."
Her: "Ok, here you go! Look! It even comes with a coupon on the tag for some paper towels or something!" (She must know me too well!)
Me: "Oh Good!!! I'll be sure to use it!"

Thank you so much young, sweet manager girl! They really ARE much cuter than Walgreens, don't ya think? *wink*


Tanya said...

That is hilarious about the reusable bag! Great wheeling and dealing!

Toni said...

I guess the moral of the story is...bring competitor's bags to stores to get free bags? LOL