Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hey Local Folks! 5/5

" Hey Cheapo! I bet you didn't forget about Five Star's 10% off day today, did you?"

Are you kidding me? Of course not! I just HAD to go back and get more cereal you know, because 8 boxes from yesterday just wasn't enough. I'm posting this rather late for the local folks - but if you haven't gone yet, don't fret, you still have a few hours before they close. Go, Go, GO!

Here's how McFrug breaks it down:

1 lb. Kretchmar Ham: $3.83 - $.55 printable = $3.28
(This is the third pound I have bought this week. Thanks for advice from Michelle - I will be freezing some of it. You didn't really think the three of us could eat ALL of that, did you? She said to just make sure and thaw it in the fridge, not in the microwave.)

2 bottles Sierra Mist: $3.00 - BOGOF printable = $1.50 for 2
( *I don't know if this coupon is still available or not)

3 lbs. Skinless Eckrich Kielbasa: $7.50 - 3 Sunday Q's $1.65 = $5.85 for 3

Rump Roast: Sale priced $1.99 lb.
(I will be grinding this myself and freezing it. I'm TOTALLY into grinding my own meat these days. It's like...the in thing to do.)

5 HUGE boxes Kellogg's Cereal: $10.00 - $5.00 printables = $5.00 for FIVE
(Okay, okay - yes, I have enough cereal for a very long time now - but, how can you pass that up?)

5 Rice-a-Roni's & 4 Pasta Roni's = $9.00 - 3 printables $3.00 = $6.00 for NINE

Total: $44.99 - $14.70 Q's = $30.29

This week, my grocery bill came to $52.36. I would like to give a special shout out to my $25.00 worth of coupons. None of this could have happened without you. *wipes tear*

*(special star note) In case you missed the BOGOF printable for Sierra Mist - I did notice today there is a tear pad at the store with the same coupon on it. I really fought with the decision to take them all, but I didn't. Hey...I have a kid's birthday party coming up soon; can you blame a mother? Anyway...I left half. *wink*

(enter segway here...I can't think of one. The next part has absolutely nothing to do with groceries.)

Since we are on the topic of deals, did you get your JC Penny Save $10 on $10 purchase Coupon in the mail last week? It's a goodin'.

Today, I realized that McFrug Jr.'s swim camp starts next week. It would be totally uncool to wear the same Spongebob-probably-too-small swim trunks that he has been wearing for the past two...um...er...three (geesh, has it been THREE?) years. So, we made a pit stop. Green or Black? Flames or no flames? Hawaiian? They had all sorts of prints. This is what was chosen.

Regular price: $19.99
Sale price: $11.99
Minus: $10 coupon
Paid: $2.13
Me: "The perfect pair. Right.On."


Mimi's Toes said...

It was so nice to meet you last night. Can I hire you to do my shopping? This blog is amazing! I have always admired people who take the time to search for deals. Am I too old to be converted? I really want to try harder after seeing what all you save.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

You have my head spinning! I can totally see my mom hiring you to do her shopping!