Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday: Clearance Shop Much?

Okay...here it is...plain and simple...anytime you can get a deal, take it.
That's your advice for the day.

This week, I decided to put on my helmet, stash my coupons away and dove head first right into the clearance section of my local groc shop. If you don't know where this area is in YOUR store, I suggest you find it quickly. Some days are better than others and I have noticed that mornings are plentiful times, especially in the meat section. I mean, really, if you are going to take meat home and freeze it anyway, does it matter if it's ready to expire or a day past? No, it doesn't. Though, I have to say, if it's starting to take on that ever-so-pleasant green color - I'll leave THAT deal for someone else.

Here is what I found this week:

First of all, ORGANIC butter - need I say more? That stuff is like, six bucks a pound and I got it for $1.99 lb.! Ok, not that I would EVER pay six dollars for a pound of butter. Heck, I'd buy cream and churn my own before I spent that kind of money.

On to the meat - all eight and a half pounds of it. Beef - except for the ground Italian sausage.
The actual cost came to $34.29; I paid $19.00. That, my friend, comes to $2.23 lb. My goal is typically not to pay over $2.00 lb. for meat - but that usually consists of chicken or pork. This was beef and I could not pass it up.

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Erin said...

Wow! That is a crazy good deal on the butter. If someone breaks into your house and steals butter, it's uhh, not me.

Virginia said...

Great deals!!


Tanya said...

I don't think my local groc store has a special section for clearanced out meat, but you had better believe I'm going to don my helmet and find out!

Chocoholic said...

Jealous! Organic Valley butter on clearance? I always check the Meijer clearance section when I stop on my way home from work. They eliminated all the delicious Patak's Indiana sauces and I stocked up on them. I must have looked odd just grabbing them all, but they were marked down to around $1.50 a jar! I love clearance.