Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Bag the Bags

Wordless Shmerdless...this is a subject I cannot remain quiet about.

If you read my blog long enough, you will quickly realize that I HATE..yes, HATE these plastic "disposable" shopping bags. Come on, do I really need to put a package of buns (which are already wrapped in a plastic bag) into it's own plastic bag, just to carry them home? I'm really serious about this. What a freakin' waste!

I am literally angered when the cashier insists on putting my food into plastic bags when I am CLEARLY bringing my own for use. Don't wrap my meat each in it's own bag. Don't fill my cloth bags only half full. Don't even think that I don't see you trying to sneak those trashy things in with my stuff. Stop. It.

While at the groc shop yesterday, I noticed they have these new "green" bags now. (observe photo above) Let's take a look at the fine print. Oh! Look! Within the first line, they are encouraging recycling! That's a good thing, right? Would be nice if the store the bags came from actually participated in a bag recycling program- especially since it's the only grocery store in town. NEXT.

*In deep, booming, bold voice* "100% BIODEGRADABLE BAG"
Fan-tastic! Oh, wait - there's more fine print.
"This bag will break down when exposed to air, water and sunlight."
Uhhh....the last time I went spelunking into a landfill, I kinda sorta noticed there is no air OR sunlight there.

Though, on the next sunny day when you are driving south on Highway 35 and you notice your green bag stuck in a tree, waving in the breeze - possibly even strangling a cardinal or choking a squirrel - rest assured that it might start degrading during the next thunderstorm, or the next one, or the next one or sometime in the near maybe not-so-near future. *thumbs up*
Way to do your part.


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I am Harriet said...

Holy smoke.
Thanks for reminding me to take my collection over to Walmart.

Robin said...

I hate....have always hated plastic bags; and not just because of an environment issue. Plastic just makes for a crappy so many ways. But what really burns my goat, is the many plastic grocery bags that I see caught up in trees, stuck in bushes, floating along streets, stuck to moving cars, trapped in sewers, discarded along nature paths, and worst of all, laying at curbside spilling garbage (because the owner of which decided this crappy cheap bag would make for proper waste disposal).

Have a beautiful plastic-bag-free day.

A Blog In The Rough said...

I guess I'm going to be the "odd chick out", I don't necessarily like using plastic bags for their grocery intended purposes, but my family has always used them for trash bags and they work out well in my opinion. I haven't spent a dime in a long time on trash bags...unless I'm working with outside garden, lawn stuff which needs something a lot larger and stronger.
So it saves me money and I'm happy.

Mimi's Toes said...

Thanks for the info....Go to my blog and check out what I left for you.

Erin said...

LOVE it! It drives us crazy when we bring our cloth bags to the grocery store and the bagger sticks two items in them, then proceeds to put the rest in plastic, like the cloth bags can't hold everything. Um, no, I'm pretty sure the cloth is much stronger than the plastic!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Is this for REAL!?