Monday, July 13, 2009

Hey Local Folks - Three Times the Savings!

"Hey Cheapo! How do you maximize your grocery savings?"

Always, always, ALWAYS pair your coupons with items that are already on sale. And...when possible, use them on double or triple coupon days. Sometimes you will end up making money! How can you beat that?

At my local groc shop, Five Star, today is Triple Coupon Day. I try to ONLY get items that I have triple coupons for, as tomorrow is 10% off day. I will get all other items, including non-triple coupon items - for maximum savings.

For all of the above items, McFrug spent $5.28!

Wanna know how?

Pam Spray: $2.50 sale - $1.05 3x Sunday Q = $1.45
Kraft BBQ Sauce: $1.25 sale - $1.50 3x Sunday Q = $.25 GAIN
Hunt's 36 oz. ketchup: $1.79 sale - $.60 3x Sunday Q = $1.19
2 French's Worcestershire Sauce: $.99 sale - $1.50 3x Sunday Q = $.51 GAIN EACH
4 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks: $10.00 Sale - $4.00 store flyer Q - $1.50 3x Sunday Q = $4.50 for FOUR boxes!
PLUS...for some odd, strange, weird reason - the cashier also gave me 10% off - she must have gotten her days mixed up. So, another $.59 off. *thumbs up*

I'll be back tomorrow to share my 10% off finds. If you are already planning a trip - here's a sale: Fisher Peanut Butter on sale 2/$4.00. There have been MANY Sunday Q's for $1.00 off Fisher products - making them $1.00 per jar...I have FOUR!

Please remember...I practice "Stock Up" grocery shopping - which means I buy items when they are on sale so I have them when needed. This allows me to not have to buy every item needed, every week. So, please don't think we'll only be eating fruit snacks for dinner. I have so much meat stocked up that I should only have to buy deli meat in this week's trip.

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Chris said...

I looked and looked for the French's worcestershire sauce at my store, but I don't think they carry it. That is a nice Q, so I may have to pop into some other stores and use it. Great job shopping those sales!