Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hey Local Folks - 10% off Today!

Local Folks, did you remember to use your 10% coupon at Five Star today? You can save up to $3.00 with it! Don't forget to clip both of your coupons from this week's market. Next week, Monday will be 10% off day and Tuesday will be triple coupon day.

Boy, I really got the stink eye tonight! One of the managers there kept looking at the printables, then at me, then at the printables then back at me...with tight, pursed lips on top of it. Then, really snotty, she says, "Do you make these on your computer?" LMAO Do I MAKE them?? Um, no. That would be COUPON FRAUD LADY. Bleep you, okay?

FYI: Five Star DOES take printable coupons. If a cashier questions them, tell her to ask a manager. I've been using them for a few years there.

Here's how I saved $26.00 today:

5 Fisher Peanut Butters: $10.00 - 5 $1.00 Sunday Q's = $5.00 for FIVE
4 General Mills Cereals: $10.00 - $4.00 flyer coupon - 2 $1.00 printables = $4.00 for FOUR
3 Fiber One Yogurt 4 Pks: $7.50 - 3 $1.00 printables = $4.50 for THREE
2 M-O-M Mini Spooners Cereal: $3.58 - 2 $1.00 printables = $1.58 for TWO
10 Rhodes Sticky buns, Buttery buns & Multigrain buns: $19.99 - 10 $1.00 Sunday Q's = $9.99 for TEN (dang, my freezer is FULL) Also a printable here for $1.00.
$3.00 off of $30 Store Coupon
Everything else pictures was on sale (except for the coffee & Parmesan Cheese)
*speaking of Parmesan - have you seen the price of the Kraft grated stuff recently? $5.99 for the large shaker?? $2.99 for the store brand?? I found the REAL shredded type in the cheese section - DiGiorno regular price for $1.99.
Total: $76.95 - $26.oo coupons = $50.95

Even with the stinkiest of eyes out there, you can still save a buck!
Be a Cheapo!

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