Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hey Local Folks! 8/31 & 9/1

Yes, today was Triple Coupon day and yesterday was 10% off day at our "loco" Five Star Groc Shop. I must say, I had some disheartening news this week. While checking out with my fist full of coupons, the cashier told me that they no longer accept computer printed coupons.



But I've been using them here for years!

Sooo...you are saying that there was a sign in the accounting room stating you can't take them anymore? Hmm...sounds like a Starke County Policy to me.

I'm thinking I should call and get an "official" store coupon policy.

In my opinion, the problem is not with printable coupons. The problem is that cashiers aren't educated on fraudulent coupons. Remember that printable that was going around for free Reynold's Aluminum Foil? People were using that! I could tell it was fake just by looking at it.
Maybe I need to give them a class...for a large fee. *wink*

Well, from now on, I will ONLY be buying items in which I have coupons from them.
Look out folks - I'm headed to Kroger - land of the friendly coupon cashiers.

Unfortunately, I have no printable coupon links to bring to you from my shopping the past two days. But I can show you how I still got some great deals using Sunday paper Q's.

First of all, don't judge. Yesterday, yes, I was THAT mom. The mom that filled her cart with...gulp...junk...and WHITE bread. I hope no one saw me. I NEVER buy white bread - but I figure that one week won't hurt us, especially at $.44 per loaf.

Even worse - ice cream treats and Mountain Dew.
I told my husband that I was a horrible mom that day.
My son said, "NO! You are a GREAT mom - cuz' I love ALL of that stuff!"

Ok...so I'm a great mom after all. Gotta take it when you can get it folks.

Here's the breakdown:
M&M Ice Cream: $2.99 - $1.00 Q = $1.99
Snickers Ice Cream: $2.99 - $1.00 Q = $1.99
4 Mountain Dews: $.25 each = $1.00 for four
Cheap Dishwasher liquid: $1.00
(RIP OFF! I was trying to get by until I could get a deal on Cascade - my dishes are still dirty - never again no matter how cheap - dollar wasted! EEK!)
4 AJ Frozen Pancakes: $10.00 - $2.00 Q's = $8.00 for 4 boxes
2 Hefty Baggies: $4.00 - $1.00 Q = $3.00 for two
2 Loaves Wonder Bread: $1.98 - $1.10 Q's = $.88
2 IBC Cream Soda: $.50 each on clearance = $1.00
Turkey Bacon: I don't know. She has my receipt all double printed. It was on sale and I had a coupon. *sigh*
(had to take my Welch's juice off because she wouldn't take the printable)

Total: $29.67 - $6.65 Q's - $2.26 Promo = $20.76

Triple Coupon Day - Today

3 Scottie tissues: $.99 each - $1.50 Q = $1.47 for three
3 ALL detergents: $4.99 each - $6.00 Q's (from BlogHer) = $8.97 for three
French's Honey Mustard: $1.49 - $1.50 Q = FREE + $.01
Cinnabon Bars: $2.29 - $.75 Q (on display) - $1.54
Kaukauna Cheese: $2.19 on sale (geesh, these containers have gotten SMALL!)
Thai Spring Onion Soup: $2.15 - $1.50 Q = $.65
Jello Singles: $2.99 - $1.50 Q = $1.49
Taco Seasoning: $.50 each - $1.50 Q = FREE + $.50
2 Quaker True Delight Bars: $1.49 each on clearance - $2.00 Q's = $.98 for TWO boxes

Total: $34.29 - $16.25 Q's = $18.04

My running grocery total this week: $38.80

My running coupon total this week: $22.90

Tomorrow? I'm heading to Kroger...and wait 'til you see what I have planned!

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