Monday, September 14, 2009

Is There a Winner in the House?

Ready everyone?

Grab your little blue tickets (stapled to Cheapo's business cards) and let's get this giveaway on!

(at the time of this post, I ONLY have 1 ticket number left to give away. If you want it, let me know!)

Quick Rules:
1.) All Rules are Cheapo's Rules and she has the rights to those rules.
2.) One number will be announced every Monday evening. You will have ONE week to email or twitpic me a picture of your ticket...otherwise, whah-whaah - you're out of luck.
(unless of course, I just GAVE you a number, in that case just recognize that it's yours. I'll know if it's you.)
3.) Email your address to me so I can send your prize. Also, leave your website so I can congratulate and link you up.
(your email address will ONLY be used for this purpose - rest assured)
4.) If a weekly prize goes unclaimed, it may go to another winner for another week.
5.) Some prizes may be sponsored. If so, they will state themselves as so.
6.) Um...I think that's it. If another rule comes up, I will post it - because I have all rights, remember? *wink*

For the week of September 14th...the winning ticket number is: 862685

Is it yours? You have until Monday, September 21st at 9:00 pm CST to claim your prize.

If it have just won a $25 Gift Certificate to Entertaining at Home!
Kristen from "I Love You To Pieces" has generously sponsored this week's giveaway. She is a consultant for Entertaining at Home (not to mention an all around sweetheart.) Have you ever seen such beautiful items for your next party? Just think...some of it could be yours! may find something to order as a gift, just in time for Christmas!

Hurry, Hurry! Who shall be this week's "Cheap Winner?"


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