Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yes...CVS Trip...Again....

...but, but, but - if they would not have been out of stock the FIRST time I went, I wouldn't have had to go back.

Here are the last few deals I snagged.
  • Milk: $1.99 w/ $1.00 ECB back
  • Purex: $3.49 - $.35 Sunday Q = $3.14 w/ $1.00 ECB back (generally, I save coupons $.50 and under for stores that double and triple - since the coupon paired with a return ECB, I didn't mind using it)
  • 2 Listerine Total Care: $7.98 - 2 $2.00 Sunday Q's = $3.98 w/$4.00 ECB back
Total: $13.46
Coupons & ECB's: $4.35 + $6.00 ECB's = $10.35
Grand Total w/tax: $3.91 w/$6.00 ECB back

As you read in my first trip, I did have $7.00 ECB's saved up - but whenever possible, I only like to spend what I will get back. That way, I don't get in the "hole" with my Extra Care Bucks.

Other people like to take the $5.00 CVS challenge - check out Kingdom First Mom to see!

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