Friday, October 23, 2009

Kouponin' at Kroger

"Hey Cheapo! Did you REALLY take all of those coupons to Kroger today?" did.

Before I even show you the pictures o
f what was bought, I want to break it all down for you.

Grand Total: $199.27
(Regular Price)
Sales Savings: $72.76

Coupons: $26.60

Bonus Coupon Savings: $9.75

MY TOTAL: $90.16

I bought a total of 97 items. That comes to $.93 per item.

Kroger sales run from Wednesday to Wednesday - so if there if you see anything here that you want/need - you still a few days left to get them (I believe Kroger is also call
ed Dillon's in other parts of the country.)

First of all, I would like to say that today was a mecca for Kroger clearance. There were items marked down EVERYWHERE! I actually had a hard time picking and choosing what I wanted. Even half gallons of milk were marked down to fifty cents! I couldn't think fast enough on how I would use it, so I left the deal for someone else to snag. I did pick up these items though.

4 Orange Bell Peppers: $.99
2 Organic Baby Romaine Salad: $.99 each

2 Organic Broccoli & Carrots: $.99 each

Orange Cranberry Soft Cookies: $1.49

Bakery Sweet Rolls: $2.1
Big Bag Cat Litter: $1.59

Shamrock Choc. Milk Single: $.50

2 Pkgs. Ground Chuck Patties: $2.32 & $2.22

I wonder if Fridays are the normal "mecca markdown" days? I'll have to find out.

Another special that is running this week - Buy 4 participating Post Cereals, Nature Valley Granola bars or Nut clusters (all 4/$10) - get $4.00 off instantly at the register. 2 rewards per transaction.

What a SWEET deal!

If you have the coupo
ns available, be sure to max it out!
- 4 Nut Clusters: $10.00 - 4
$1.00 coupons (printables & Sunday) - $1.00 Cellfire Q - $4.00 reward= $1.00 for FOUR
- 1 Nut Cluster + 3 Granola Bars: $10.00 -
$1.00 printable - $4.00 reward - 3 $.80 printables = $2.60 for FOUR
After all is done, you are only paying $.45 per item in this deal! If I can find enough coupons, I may send my husband back for another shop!

Some items that were on sale, no coupons.

Kroger carrots: $.99, Kroger Cheese: $1.25, Chef Boyardee: $1.00, Kroger Oatmeal: $1.25, Duncan Hines Cake Mix: $1.00, Kroger Whole Wheat English Muffins: $1.00 (these freeze well), Kroger Cottage Cheese: $1.00, Sunkist 6 pk: $1.00, Kroger Whole Wheat Bagels: $1.99, Kroger cream cheese: $1.00, Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breast: $1.77 lb, Nature's Pride Whole Grain Bread: $2.0
0, Hunt's Pudding Cups: $1.00, Kroger Butter: $1.50, Qt. International Delight Creamer: $1.99, Kroger OJ: $1.25, Kroger Choc. Milk: $1.25, Kroger Milk Gal: $1.98, Qt. Half/Half: $1.99, Bananas: $.59 lb, Kroger Spaghetti: $1.05, Hunts Sauce: $1.00, Kroger Diced Tomatoes: $.65, Kroger Tomato Sauce: $.28, Honeycrisp Apple: $1.33 ($1.77 per pound, not a good deal but I WANTED one- so what?), Fresh Out of the Oven Bread: $.50

As we were rounding the Bakery section of the store, the smell of freshly baked bread (merging with a speaker announcement) overtook us. A cute little lady with a hairnet and gloves was pushing a grocery cart around the section. Inside was a wicker basket filled with freshly
baked loaves of bread. She asked if we wanted the hot bread instead of the baguette I previously grabbed. Of course, I asked, "well, how much is that one?" Fifty cents, the same as the one you have...except this one is fresh. "I'll take TWO - one to take home and one to eat while we finish shopping." A LOT of people do that, she says. So, we ate half a loaf of bread while it was steaming hot. When I got to the register, the cashier asked me if I knew there was only a half loaf of bread in the bag. All I could say was, "We ate it." She laughed and said that she just wanted me to be aware of it. Her story went on to tell me how one man recently brought back a half gallon of ice cream. When he got home and opened it, it was half gone! Can you believe someone carried around ice cream, ate half of it and then put it back in the freezer? EWW.

Be sure to check your stuff folks!

Here is the last group - every item matching up with a coupon.
(remember, Kroger doubles coupons up to $.50 face value - so some of my coupon totals are already doubled here)

Cesar Bistro Dog Food: $.90 - BOGOF Q = $.90 for TWO
4 Sobe Lifewaters: $4.00 - 4 $.50 printables = $2.00 for FOUR
3 Starkist Tuna Pouches: $3.00 - $3.00 printables = THREE FREE
Avocado: $1.00 - $1.00 Houseparty coupon = FREE
Wacky Mac: $1.63 - $1.00 Sunday Q = $.63
2 Dole Canned Fruit: $2.00 - 2 $1.00 printables = TWO FREE
Cascadian Farms Cereal: $2.00 - $1.00 on box coupon = $1.00
Yoplait Delights: $2.49 - $1.00 Sunday Q - $1.00 Cellfire Q = $.49
Sunchips: $3.00 - $1.00 Q = $2.00
2 Lara Bars: $2.25 - $1.60 printables = $.65 for TWO
6 Fruit Cups: $6.00 - 2 Buy3 save $1.00 printables = $4.00 for SIX
2 5 lb. Gold Medal Flour: $4.80 - 2 $1.00 printables = $2.80 for TWO
7 Yoplait Yogurts: $3.50 - $.50 cellfire on 6 - $1.00 on six printable - $.85 1 free on 6 = $1.15 for SEVEN
Progresso Broth: $2.79 - $1.00 printable - $.50 Cellfire Q = $1.29
2 Cambell's cooking soups: $1.50 - $1.00 on 2 Sunday Q = $.50 for TWO
4 Carnation Evap. Milk: $4.00 - 2 Save $1.00 on 2 Q's = $2.00 for FOUR
2 Nestle Choc. Chips: $4.98 - 2 $1.00 printables = $2.98 for TWO
Pork Tenderloin: $1.39 lb. - $5.23 - $1.00 store coupon = $4.23

The tenderloin was a real score. I picked it up because when else are you ever going to find a loin for a buck thirty nine a pound?

Also, as I was walking around the meat section, I noticed a man talking with the butcher. He was of oriental decent which is why his accent caught my attention. Something was going on where there was a misprint somewhere and the butcher was trying to reconsile the situation. It was all fine and dandy until I heard the butcher say, "For your trouble, here is a $1.00 coupon off of any fresh pork product." Huh? What? How do I get that? I later heard the customer ask, "Is this no for beef?" Nope, just pork sir. So, I start casually nosing around for this special coupon; gently sifting through the clearanced meat. The man comes over to me and hands me the coupon. He says, "S'cuse me - I think can you use this?" Here I stand with a fist FULL of coupons. I wonder what tipped him off? I graciously thanked him...and did a little secret fist pump in my head.

Hey, it's the little things.

How did you do this week? Any super saver shopping going on in your world?

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Tiaras said...

SERIOUSLY!!! Can you come shopping with me! There are no Kroger's by me.
How long does it take you to put a list together with the coupons and the ads?? I need help! I just found out that you can use 2 of the same coupon for one product! I never knew that!! The most I have ever saved in one time is $38! I was so proud of myself - but oh so silly of me - I bow to you oh Master coupon gal!