Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Angel Food Update

Remember the other day when I was telling you about a national program called Angel Food Ministries? I promised an update on the quality/quantity of my order. Look at the picture above; need I say more? *wink*

Since the only package I ordered was the fresh fruit and veggie box, I can only give my opinion on that (as opposed to the signature box or specialty meat boxes.) For everything picture, I paid $22.00. Pretty good deal, especially in the winter, right? I was rather pleased.

Can you break it down for us McFrug?

  • Affordable
  • Quality items - brands you find in your local store
  • Variety each month
  • Provides fresh fruit in the house where sometimes we don't have any at all
  • Only has to be ordered & picked up once per month
  • Can be ordered & paid online (in my pajamas)
  • You get what they offer. For instance, we don't like grapefruit (as pretty as it is when you cut the Ruby Red open), but it comes with the package. Of course, I'll give them away so they don't go to waste, but it does factor into the cost.
  • The celery was a bit dark green for my taste; I prefer lighter celery to eat raw - though, this will be great for cooking, as it has more flavor.
  • The pears are far from ripe, but I'm not sure that is a con. I would much rather have them under ripe than over when we receive them. Also, if every piece of fruit was ripe at the same time, you would have to eat it all within a week. **Here is a tip for you, put your unripe fruits (except bananas, they ripen too fast) in a fruit bowl with your apples. When apples ripen, they produce methane which hurries the ripening process of the other fruits!
  • My delivery site is across the street from my house. I suppose if you had to drive a long way, that would be a con. You can check here for an ordering/delivery area near you.

When I am asked if I would recommend ordering from Angel Food Ministries, from this experience, I would give a big "YES!"

Check it out!

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