Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Chummy Recipes at Mummy Deals

"Hey Cheapo, where are you today?"

I'll now be guest posting Chummy Recipes over at "Mummy Deals" on Wednesdays.

Frugal ideas and tips on saving money are meant to be shared, right? I am doing my best to find meals and recipes that are tasty, along with costing around $5.00 and under. Not quite as easy as it sounds - but totally do-able!

So, head on over to see this week's recipe (leftover turkey idea) and while you are there, click around a bit. Clair always has great information to help you live a frugal lifestyle.

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The Whole Freakin Fam said...

Hey, I think I'll follow you! Here's a REALLY useful site, lol! I've been taking a few minutes to share my cool finds: I found this frugal hacker website and saw your site on it. My family's been through some tough times, and we've been doing pretty well thanks to things like craigslist and freecycle (not to mention exhaustive applying for different agencies - ick). I found this site today that I like called Listia. It was just started August of'09 so there isn't a *whole* lot of things on it quite yet, but Listia also puts a couple things up for fun, it's really cool. It's like ebay meets freecycle or the free section of craigslist. They don't want your money. You bid on free stuff with "credits" you earn (not buy) by participating in the site: listing items, "buying" items with your credits, helping to moderate the community (flagging), and by networking/sharing the site with other people (think facebook aps style, I'm going a step further here lol). Here's my link so I get some credits, and start you with 50 credits yourself if you sign up:

Take care and keep up the good work :)