Sunday, March 14, 2010

Freebie Deebies

In general, I tend to receive a lot of free things - offers, coupons, samples, etc. It's just that they don't typically come all at once or all in one week. Lately, they've been coming in one after another. When I started making a list, I realized that there is quite a bit...and I need to share it with you!

If you haven't heard on twitter, my trusty Nikon D80 lens won't auto-focus anymore.

(Excuse me while I cry for a second.)

I am in the process of getting it up to a camera shop and all of that jazz, so please bare with me until I can get it taken care of. In the meantime, I'll try and find something to post on here to break up the monotony of the black and white.

I would LOVE to show you a PICTURE of all the goodies I found this week, but a list will have to do. Please place your imagination cap on now. Thank you.

  • Hallmark Gold Crown Stores - I mentioned around Christmas that I signed up for their free Gold Rewards program. Since then, I have gotten numerous emails and mailers with coupons for free cards. The most recent was a "Buy 2 Get 1 Free" coupon which paired wonderfully with their Free Kid's collection card promo going on right now. I purchased two $.99 cards, received another card (up to $2.50) and a Kid's collection card both for free! Four cards in all = $2.12 along with 4 gold seal stickers.

  • Kroger - Be sure to visit their "March to Savings" hoops game each day until April 6th for your chance of winning. Yesterday, I won a free package of hot dogs! The savings was immediately loaded straight to my shopper card. You will find me visiting every day, in hopes of winning the $5 Kroger credit :)
  • Bath & Body Works - (students w/ID only) Through March 21st, bring in this coupon with your student ID and receive a free lip care item of your choice with any purchase (worth $7.50)
  • Sephora - Free sample pack of teen Clean Start skin care with this coupon. Good for this weekend only - which means, today only. Hurry! (going to pick mine up today)
  • Pampers - I found an offer in the coupon flyers for 3 free Pampers Cruisers diapers. So, I went here to sign up - what a surprise when they also offered 8 other samples/coupons to send as well - including Tide and Prilosec! I'll be sure to check back with that site after April 1st to see what else is available.
  • Nabisco - On the first Monday of each month for the rest of 2010, you can get a coupon here for a free package of Nabisco cookies, when you buy another pack & a gallon of milk. The next offer will be on April 5th.
  • TGI Fridays - Have you ever signed up for the Give Me More Stripes club? It's free (of course.) After signing up, you will receive a few immediate perks along with other email offers. My latest was a Buy one entree & appetizer, get an entree free. I also have about $15 on a TFIF gift card from the past. Hey...guess where we are going for dinner tonight?
  • Walmart - I had a few coupons that gave freebies here: White Cloud Green Earth 4 pk. TP (not available anymore), 2 Muir Glen tomato pastes ($.96 each - $1 coupon here), Kotex Liners (they are $1 per box there and are always coupons floating around to make them free. You should never have to pay for these.)
Have you found any other freebies this week? Let me know!

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