Monday, March 15, 2010

Interview With Cheapo: Online Shopping

Toni: So, here we are talking with Cheapo McFrugalpants from The Shopping Adventures of Cheapo aptly named. I wonder how you came up with such a unique and original blog title. It is literally perfect. Anyway Cheapo, we all know of your many techniques on saving money in stores, but do you have any secrets on how to save money while shopping online?

Cheapo: Oh yes! Actually, I prefer shopping online for many, many items - especially during the holidays - no gas money, no traffic, no dealing with crowds - it's the best! My first suggestion is ALWAYS to search for promo codes that will give you free shipping. It really doesn't make much sense to avoid spending money on gas only to spend even more to get an item shipped to you, right? RIGHT! So, whether you are shopping for kids bedding, cookware, clothing or...well...whatever...take advantage of any free shipping offers.

Toni: But, we know how much you love your coupons. Do you get just as many savings online as you do when you walk into a store?

Cheapo: Yes, many times...and sometimes even more! When you start browsing and shopping online, you may find discounted items featured that aren't marked down in the actual store. That's a real added bonus. Plus, be sure to see if you can "stack" promo codes (each store will vary.)

Toni: What does "stacking promo codes" mean?

Cheapo: You don't know what "stacking" means? Oh, where have you been? Not only can you "stack" coupons in a store, you can sometimes "stack" them online. For instance, when I buy groceries, I use digital coupons ON TOP OF paper coupons ON TOP OF sales ON TOP OF store promotions. This gives me maximum savings. The same goes for online promo codes. You may be able to enter more than one code. So, not only will you be getting free shipping, but you may find a code for 50% off or $10 off of $30. Don't ever think that one level of saving is enough.

Toni: Well, now that we understand all of that *cough*, let me ask you this. What is your favorite thing to buy online?

Cheapo: Whatever is on clearance, of course! No, just kidding...sort of. I'm not sure I have a favorite item. It's usually the sale prices that draw me in and then I browse from there. In the past, I've ordered many toys, books and clothes - though I usually have to try on clothing so I avoid that unless I know EXACTLY what I'm ordering (many stores have great exchange programs.) One thing I do love is cookware and kitchen accessories. I spend mucho time in the kitchen so why not have the things I like and enjoy?

Toni: Kitchen items, eh? What's the one item that is most convenient and you couldn't imagine being without?

Cheapo: If anyone follows me on twitter, you have probably noticed that I cook everything in Calphalon pans. I use them OH! And guess what? I'll be reviewing a set of them in the very near future. After what I tell you about them, you won't be able to stop yourself from ordering a few of your own (CSN Stores has a GREAT deal on a double set.)

Toni: Well then, I suppose we will just have to Stay Tuned!

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