Monday, April 26, 2010

CVS - April 25, 2010 - Round TWO

Body Wash, anyone?

Here I am again with ROUND TWO of the $5 CVS Challenge for this week. Too many great items on sale to pass up! Here's how it went down:

2 Fig Newtons: $2.00 - (2x) $1.00 Facebook Q = TWO FREE
2 2 oz. CVS Sunblock: $4.38 w/ $5.00 ECB back = I made $.62 on these
(*Hint - this size is not advertised to be part of the deal, but it does work!)
Kotex Liners: $4.99 - $1.00 Sunday Q - $1.00 CVS Store Q = $2.99 w/ $1.00 ECB back
(*Hint - dont' forget that you can use STORE coupons on top of MANUFACTURER'S coupons)
3 Pantene Nature Fusion: $7.50 - (3x) $2.00 Vocal Point Q = $1.50 for THREE
2 Nivea Wash for Men & Nivea Wash w/bonus lotion: $15.97 - (3x) $2.00 Sunday Q = $9.97 w/ $5.00 ECB back
2 Softsoap Nutriserums: $5.98 w/$4.00 ECB back

I used my $5/$40 CVS printout plus $17 in past ECB's...and of course I ALWAYS bring my own cloth bags and remind them to scan my Green Bag Tag - those add up quick (especially when you visit the store 2 or 3 times a week.)

Grand Total: $40.82
Subtotal: $2.82
Tax: $2.38
My Cash out of Pocket: $5.20 w/ $15 ECB back

How much do you love it? *wink*
You can read about my first trip this week HERE.

Cashier: Wow, you must really have a LOT of storage space at your house.
Me: Yeah, I do...well...and I give a lot of this stuff away.
Cashier: Really? That's great...especially if you are only paying five bucks for all of this!
Me: Anytime I can get things for free, I do...then, when I give it away, it makes me feel good and helps someone else at the same time!
Cashier: Yeah, that's awesome.

What do you do with your freebies? Share with us!

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Jaime said...

I just started couponing last fall and definitely need to find somewhere to donate a LOT of stuff! If all else fails, I'm going to drive it into Baltimore but we're trying to be careful about saving money (ie. not driving an hour into the city if we don't need to) so I'm hoping to find someplace closer. At least there's the postal workers' food drive this next Saturday to clear out a little of the extra food! Now who needs some toothpaste, body wash, shampoo....?