Thursday, April 15, 2010

Freebie Deebies: To Help Your Tax Day Blues

April 15th.

Here it is.

Tax Day in the US.

For some of us, it's really no big deal...more of a hassle than anything.

For others? Woe is you.

To help alleviate your Tax Day Blues, take a Prozac some companies are offering free items today...ya take your mind off of things...and in hopes you might actually BUY and pay TAX on other things while you are there. At any rate, never pass up a free cup of coffee.
  • Starbucks - Bring a reusable travel mug into any Starbucks and get a free brewed coffee. Save the Earth. Seriously, shouldn't we be doing this with or without the free coffee? The costless joe is a nice perk though.
**Edited: Mr. McFrugalpants just called. He took his travel mug to a Starbucks INSIDE of a Martin's Supermarket. Apparently, those types of shops run a bit different. They have to have store approval for promotions. Long story short, the lady knew nothing about today's FREE coffee and had to call a store manager. Yup, they voted and agreed on the promo. Wouldn't it have been nice to let the barista at Starbucks know about it? Anyway, he got his free coffee and couldn't be happier. Just some FYI in case you run into the same situation.**
  • MaggieMoo's - Free slice of MaggieMia's dessert ice cream pizza from 3 to 7 pm. Check here to see if a location by you is participating. ice cream.
  • Cinnabon: Two free cupcake bites from 6 to 8 pm - combine this with your free Starbucks coffee and you are golden. Let me just say, I had the chance to taste the Cinnabon cupcakes this past weekend at the SVMoms Chevy Event in Chicago. Trust me when I say, you don't want to miss this freebie. (psst...get the's like a moist crumb cake with frosting)
  • Subway: NBC reports that Subway is giving customers a free cookie today. Available while supplies last. Unsure if this is only NYC or not? Move at your own pace.
  • Shutterfly: Up to 3 free Mothers Day Greeting Cards from!Use promo code: CARDS4MOM Offer valid 4.15.10-4.28.10. Not really a tax day freebie...but it does START today.
No matter how you spend this April 15th (for Pete's sake, we talk about it like it's a holiday or something), file or don't file, pay or don't pay, live freely or be arrested - never turn down something free.

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