Monday, May 3, 2010

Dog's Day Out

"Hey Cheapo, where can you get pet food for a good price?"

I have a cat and a dog. They are both older and don't require much as far as food goes. Dry food in a bag is the special of the day around here and they are fine with that (not that they are hurting any since they both have been referred to as "well fed.") Generally, I walk two blocks to the local Dollar General and pick up a bag or two with whatever coupons I have available.

Every now and then twice, I will gather a few coupons, load up the dog and drive to Pet Smart. It's more of an "outing" for the pooch than it is a practical trip for pet food. I don't mind as long as I'm getting a good deal.

Did you know that Pet Smart has a Pet Perks shopper's card? Um...yeah...if you want to get ANY of the sale prices, be sure to pick one up at the register (they are free just like any other.) On top of the sales, be sure to bring your coupons. I've had no coupon stink eye from Pet Smart and they have accepted both Sunday Q's and printables. On our last trip, we came home with about $60 worth of free food just by using coupons. This time? Not so free, but $.93 per item isn't bad either! Here's how it breaks down:

  • 2 Boxes Milkbone Essentials: $7.98 - $3.99 BOGOF Sunday Q - $2.00 printable = $1.99 for TWO
(Cheap-o-nomics 101 Tip: See how I used a Buy one get one free coupon AND a manufacturer's coupon together for maximum savings? Registers ring up one coupon per item. The BOGOF coupon takes the price off of the free box, leaving the original item bought. The printable takes two dollars off of that.)
  • 2 Busy Bones: $6.00 - BOGOF Sunday Q = $3.00 for TWO
  • 2 Party Mix Cat Treats = $2.66 - (2x) $1.00 Printables = $.66 for TWO
  • 3 Pouches Pro Plan dog food: $2.97 - (3x) FREE Pouch Sunday Q's = Three FREE
  • Pro Plan Dog Food: $10.99 - $3.00 coupon from last bag = $7.99
  • 2 Cans Iams Dog Food: $2.50 - BOGOF P & G Sampler Mailer = $1.25 for TWO
  • 2 Cans Iams Cat Food: $1.26 - BOGOF P& G Sampler Mailer - $.63 for TWO
  • 8 Cans Pro Plan Dog Food: $10.00 - 3 BOGOF Sunday Q's = $6.25 for EIGHT
(Oopss...I just realized that I screwed up here...crud. I grabbed eight cans instead of six. Even the best of us mess up every now and then. *wink)
  • 8 Whiska's Cat Food: $4.72 - (4x) BOGOF Sunday Q's = $2.36 for EIGHT
Grand total: $45.51 (sale prices)
My Total: $23.50 + $3.35 tax = $26.85

Gotta treat the animals every now then...keep them happy so they don't get on the furniture, tear up the house, puke on the floor, get in the garbage - all of those things my animals NEVER do.

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